A Scene Change Can Be Prosperous For You

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Do not let your fears choose your destiny. ~ Unknown  

Be open to relocating to launch, change, or advance your career. Some people have reservations about packing up and moving to a new location. Others are eager to experience the new adventures a location change will bring. If you are on the fence about relocating for an ideal professional opportunity due to personal reasons; make a list of pros and cons. Set aside dedicated time the following day after completing the list to review each pro and each con listed. Timing is a significant factor when determining if a relocation can become a reality. If your personal foundational components are in order or can lineup quickly for you to elevate your career and create new adventures, accept the offer to relocate.  A change of scenery can be an awesome opportunity in disguise for your career and your overall lifestyle.

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  1. Jarrod uddin

    March 24, 2014 at 12:41 am

    Spot on! Each time I made a lateral move it opened up SO many doors if opportunity that were only available to me in those new locations. I know a huge part of making that list is in sometimes deciding what you DONT want, before you can be clear on the things that you do want. That factor I have found makes the pros and cons list add up to a wise decision!

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