Avoiding complacency in your career is critical in building your career confidence. It is important to create accountability to yourself. When it is all said and done, we each are accountable for what we do with our career outcomes and how we handle our career choices. It is vital not to let information that we did or didn’t have access to be our Achilles heel that defines our career of why your career legacy is something that you may not desire. This truth for some requires accountability to yourself for a couple of reasons. First, there is no need to dwell on the period of, not knowing. Secondly, set aside the time to locate the information, resources or coaches that you need to close the gap and prepare to connect to the career opportunity that you’re seeking.

Be accountable to yourself to stretch yourself to be more proficient, brilliant and professionally well-rounded than you are today. Be a person of detailed research action versus being a well-versed smoke screen professional that only window shops resources that will not make an investment in themselves. Have a mindset of excellence. Plus the ability to execute strategic planning that aims to be rather than seems to be. Multiplied by accountability; will ensure that you’re confidently ready to seize and not decline positive transforming career moves, initiatives and processes that will prosper you. Below are three key points to assist you in stimulating your career confidence through accountability.

1. Frequently communicate with your accountability partners if you need help completing tasks by a set deadline.

2. Acknowledge and believe that your career and future prosperity are worthy of the time that you take to be confidently accountable to the upward mobile evolution of your career.

3. Listen for success nuggets from your professional environment and interactions for suggested reads, webinars, podcasts and articles that will help you increase your career accountability barometer of success.