Entitlement does not apply to most career promotional opportunities. You need to take the time to determine if you are promotion ready. After reviewing the checklist below; request face time if applicable with the hiring point of contact or decision maker and inform them of your interest in the position. If the career promotion that you desire is with your current company; be mindful that there are unspoken factors that may be considered during your potential interview process.

Promotion Ready Triggers and Unspoken Factors Checklist

  • The professional company that you keep while at work is noticed. Focus on surrounding yourself with productive peers that operate in integrity that promotes positive energy.
  • Your ability to be on time for your scheduled shift and appointments matters.
  • Your social media brand is relevant. Review and decide if you need to reorganize your social media presence.
  • The quality and accurate completion of your assigned projects by the designated timeline is being noted.
  • Your attire matters. Go into observation mode and determine if you are currently dressing the part that the desired position requires and/or portrays.
  • Your conversation indicates readiness. What does your message delivery style and tone say about you?
  • Do you meet the qualifications required of the position?
  • Has your thought process and mind-set shifted to the next level your potential promotion requires? Pay attention to the mannerisms of the those at the next level you‘re aiming for.  Are your mannerisms in synch?

Set your timeline of completion to make the necessary shifts to be viewed as the best candidate for your next level position. You are capable and able to accomplish your career goals!