Are Your First Impressions Promoting You or Disqualifying You?

Woman ready for hand shake

Creating a lasting first impression is vital to your career search. The duration of a first impression can range from seven to thirty seconds. First impressions can be sealants of progress or refuse during the interview process. First impression triggers are components of your personal brand. A few first impression triggers includes your social media profiles, your voicemail, your email, your hand shake, and your attire.  Be cognizant of your efforts of maintaining your personal brand.

In lieu of a resume submission, a potential employer may request links to your social media profiles to review how you choose to present yourself globally. Your verbiage, pictures, videos, and overall content can increase or decrease your candidacy relevancy for a position. Post wisely and tactfully, even after you have secured your desired position. You do not want to be prone to loosing your job based upon inappropriate posts.

During your career search, your voicemail should be professional and clear to understand. Your voicemail should not feature the latest music sensation nor have background noise.

Email addresses can be too revealing of lifestyle choices and personal details sometimes. Keeping your email address basic and simple is a consistent recommendation by hiring managers and recruiters.

Your handshake and attire display confidence and an unspoken understanding that you know how to carry yourself in your desired work environment. Your attire needs to be tasteful while using all appropriate under garments, accessories, levels of perfume usage, and overall body coverage. Take the time to research handshake styles and wardrobe interview essentials and determine if your handshake or wardrobe needs to be revised.

Your goal is to always be considered and viewed as a qualified candidate. Strive to have your first impression in all environments that you enter promote you to the next level that you desire.

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  1. Jarrod Uddin

    March 19, 2014 at 1:17 am

    This can’t be said enough! That 30-second profile really does make or break, and unfortunately, now, there are so many preceding (online) touch points that can ruin ones image before a face to face ever happens. CareerTipper, At some point in the future, can you recommend for us: some tips for a winning linkedin profile, and social platform congruency? What are some hot points to impressing an employer through those preceding touch points? THANKS!

  2. thecareertipper

    March 26, 2014 at 2:22 am

    Great feedback, Jarrod! Yes, I will post about social media congruency in the future. Thank you for following!

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