I recently attended an empowering retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains, GA with the Single Wives Club. The retreat was filled with the beauty of nature, cherished camaraderie, and many lessons that sparked me to self reflect on my priorities. In particular, how to balance career, family, and legacy development.

During the retreat I had the honor of meeting Wife Coach, Lakia Brandenburg. Lakia Brandenburg is also known as Author LB.  She is the creator of the Dream it. Create it. Frame it.™ Interactive Vision Board Workshop and the author of two books; He’s not perfect. I’m not perfect. But together we’re…Picture Perfect and The Tiara: 5 Ways to Reign as Queen of Your Castle.

During the retreat I participated in the Cinderella workshop that was facilitated by Author LB. The workshop was a transformative experience that escorted all Cinderella participants in attendance through a modern-day perspective of how the perceived whimsical fairytale provides great insight and advice on how to prepare to interact with your future husband, Prince Charming. All participants listened to the key “preparing for the ball” points that Lakia Bradenburg shares with an open heart. In a good way, I’ll never look at the movie Cinderella the same way again. Author LB taught us how to take our new perspective of Cinderella and prepare to be a wife to be cherished through our thoughts, words, and actions.

When I returned home my reflections continued and I took it a step further and pondered how my career and legacy fitted into my revised Cinderella perspective of being able to have career and family while pursing my life legacy. I know that many people married, non-married, with children and without children constantly focus on balancing their career, family, and dreams that will turn into their professional and personal legacy. I reached back out Author LB for further insight to share with you about how she balances career, family, and her legacy in the making.

Career Tipper:  What is your suggested daily formula to share with working professional mothers and fathers for being productive at work while being present and engaged with their families?

Author LB:  Be intentional. As a wife, I’m still challenged with finding the “balance” but realize the importance of being engaged in both my professional and personal life. My formula is all based on how I start my day. I rise an hour or so before my house wakes up. This gives me the “me time” I deserve and need in order to channel my energy, set good intentions, and be present wherever I am. I use this time to restore my spirit through prayer and meditation. Afterwards, I intentionally create a “To Do” list that includes goals to accomplish for work and with my family (e.g. Prepare for keynote speech; spend quality time with hubby and my daughter, Demi).

Career Tipper:  Author LB, you are a vision board advocate. How can a vision board assist career changers or recent graduates experience their desired career role/position?

Author LB:  It’s all about having a vision. Vision Boards are amazing tools that can help you see where you want to be. It’s no longer hoping and wishing about the desired career or dream of choice, but being intentional about creating the life you want using magazines, scissors, glue sticks and a poster board. For career changers or recent graduates, the vision board will serve as a blueprint and constant reminder of where you are and where you desire to be. By seeing the vivid images and affirmations daily, it will create a surge of positive energy which allows inspired thoughts or ideas of how to move forward in your career to surface to become a reality.

Career Tipper:  What is your most cherished lesson along your journey of defining your career legacy?

Author LB:  The journey of defining my career legacy has taught me to believe that all things are possible but to trust the process wholeheartedly. I’m learning to cherish the journey even though I don’t always like the process. I’m still in awe to see my life become what I dreamed for it to be. I am reminded through the not-so-pleasant lessons that build my character, increase my level of integrity, and teaches patience and trust, that my legacy is being established from all of the acquired lessons. In the end, the lessons are what makes the journey worthwhile.

Career Tipper:  Author LB, you’re a career changer. How did you overcome any reservations you had about changing careers?

Author LB:  It wasn’t easy, but it was so necessary. I was reminded that “faith is taking the first step, even if you don’t see the whole staircase.” (Dr. Martin Luther King). I left a “secure” position (salary, benefits) as a middle school teacher and stepped into the unknown. I believe it’s natural for reservations to come because you’re making a conscious decision to step outside of your comfort zone. Honestly, the affirmations on my vision board and my favorite quotes and proverbs from the Good Book gave me confidence and reassurance over and over again. I would affirm, “I am worthy. I am confident. I am a great new writer” daily. I continued to pray and seek God’s wisdom and counsel on my decision to pursue my dreams and believed that I deserved to fully live my purpose and passion.

Career Tipper:  What mannerisms should parents be mindful of showcasing to their children during their pursuit to accomplish their career goals?

Author LB:  It’s important that parents remember that they are an example or model for their children when pursuing and accomplishing career goals. Remember that your actions, not necessarily your words are what’s training them in the process. I’m not sure if fear is a mannerism, but it’s a natural emotion that we can feel and sense. When you feel fearful, be mindful to showcase how to confront and face the situations. I believe fear appears to distract you from your goals and at times teach us vital lessons. Allow your mannerisms should display confidence, belief, reassurance, and purpose.

Career Tipper:  Author LB, you are living your career dreams daily. What self talk/affirmations did you say to yourself consistently to keep yourself motivated?

Author LB:  I have so many affirmations that inspire me so I had to set them as daily reminders in 30 minute increments. Each affirmation serves as self- talk and is spoken aloud with conviction and power. My first affirmation “I am awake to my good, and gather in the harvest of endless opportunities” is read at 4:30 AM and the last affirmation chimes in right before bedtime at 10:30PM, “Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.

One of my all time favorites is “Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams, Live the Life You’ve Imagined.” (Henry David Thoreau). This affirmation motivates me every time I read it. It reminds me that action is required on my part and that I have to move with confidence in order to see my dreams come true.

To learn more about Author LB’s Dream it. Create it. Frame it.™ Interactive Vision Board Workshop. Please visit  www.lakiabrandenburg.com.

Her books, He’s not perfect. I’m not perfect. But together we’re…Picture Perfect and The Tiara: 5 Ways to Reign as Queen of Your Castle are available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million.