Be Consistent In the Midst of Change

There are few guarantees in life. There is one guarantee that very few would dispute, and that is change. Change is a part of our everyday life. We can change our food choices for the day. Change how we complete our daily agenda to increase productivity and results. Sometimes change can be refreshing to your soul. Other times, you may feel as if you’re completing the same monotonous routine and along the way you’re on the lookout for a course diversion that will bring clarity and refreshing of perspective. No matter what the cause that is percolating the change within you; it is important to be confident and consistent in what makes you present your best self daily. Most professionals, take pride in their work and want to not only meet and exceed the expectations set for their career and business but also make themselves proud of their professional and personal outcomes. Here are five reminders of the basics of being consistent in the midst of change.

1. Positive words. Our words frame our days. Be mindful of the words that you use to articulate your thoughts and plans. In moments of frustration, opt to extend your response time to be intentional to respond with positive words that do not sabotage the result that you’re working to accomplish.

2. No short cuts. If there is a best practice or success formula that you have fortified and showcases you to be the rock star that you are, then don’t miss any steps. Be consistent in what makes you successful in your role. Make the extra calls, keep your weekly meeting schedule, eat healthy, stick to your exercise routine. Not taking shortcuts is a form of professional accountability to yourself.

3. Be confident. Change can sometimes breed uncertainty. It is important to understand the entire logistical process that is generating the change. Often there is no need to let your insecurities speak louder than your confidence. Focus on your strengths and adding value to the team and the projects at hand.

4. Dress well. In most professionals environments, image matters. Don’t become lackadaisical in how you choose to dress. Remain polished and dress your best. Often a change in attire is an unspoken indicator that professionals are disconnecting from their goal focus. Take no breaks in dressing your best and taking pride in what you wear professionally daily.

5. Be grateful. In all situations be grateful. Grateful for the lessons, second chances, the ability to focus, a supportive team, respect, and the list goes on. Each day take a few minutes to identify what you’re grateful for. These efforts will help you not to get deterred by what doesn’t matter to being successful daily.

May these reminders help you be consistent in confidently representing your best self professionally and personally. Change helps to develop your character. How you choose to think, respond and present yourself consistently daily matters. Go ahead and positively shine bright and boldly in the midst of change.

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  1. Chantel Carter

    August 15, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    Great article! The 5 Steps are great advice in manuevering the land of change!

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