are you prepared?


Professionally, I enjoy connecting great companies to qualified talent. As a career confidence coach, it’s rewarding when noteworthy talent seeks my assistance to assist in preparing them to be career confident beyond the interview but in the workplace as well. The ability to demonstrate career confidence is a focus that professionals sometimes identify as the core reason for them not to pursue their next career move. During my career confidence coaching sessions that include mock interviews, I aim to address my client’s interview and career concerns and celebrate their excitement for the opportunity to interview and advance in their choice career industry. It is ok to use career coaches, guides, mentors, and books to prepare and be career confident ready for your next career transition.

During my career coaching sessions, I learn many things about my clients and the emotions and outcomes that formulate their perspective of their career journey. Family legacy, spoken and unspoken self-imposed expectations of what career success means, education (not enough or more than enough) or timing. For others, it’s a realization of what one wants to do with their career or owning that they no longer find their career rewarding or a good fit financially and or as a daily experience. The need to determine their next move while not falling short of their personal responsibilities and obligations has been a topic of conversation during my career confidence coaching sessions.

I consider it an honor that I confidentially work with them to develop a career success strategy that can help boost their career confidence actions and thoughts. Also, helping to subside their interview questions concerns and gain clarity to being prepared to respond without being reluctant to answer because they’re not sure of an appropriate answer to share during an interview. I enjoy being a sleuth of their perspective to uncover a comfortable and natural way for my clients to answer interview questions and share their professional elevator speech and professional outcomes confidently.

I recently decided to merge my love of infographics with a few of my career confidence boosters and have some fun creating downloadable career confidence guides. They can be on display on your fridge, desk or in a portfolio that you can review at a moments notice. They’re informative in an easy to read format that is an educational share that is easy to retain by all learning styles. The career guide addresses four different topics:

Daily Cycle of Building Career Confidence. A guide to developing and maintaining career confidence on a daily and ongoing basis.

Social Media Blueprint Guide. A suggestive guide on how social media profiles can represent you at your personal best. This guide will help you promote professional and polished social media profiles.

Professional Networking Checklist. Sharing ten successful and easy to implement professional networking tips that will help professionals connect with other professionals in diverse business and community settings.

Career Confidence Analysis Guide. In order to be confident in your career path and moves. It is important to complete a career analysis to determine your strengths, areas of opportunities, next moves for advancement and what you need to do to prepare for the unexpected moments in your career. Before completing this career analysis, meditate on the four categories.

Being career confident ready is a choice that should be a never-ending focus. Being career confident ready exceeds being current and relevant in your skills. It includes portraying a polished professional image, evolving as a subject matter expert and being mindful of how your conversations and social media posts can positively and negatively impact your career. Investing time into being a strong contributor to your industry and having a mindset of success; your confidence in your abilities and the upward mobile path of your career will continue to flourish.

What are a few career confident action moves that you make to be ready for your next career change or promotion?