Episode 28 features Sable B. returning for the second interview of our three part series connected to our course, Her Career By Intent.  Sable B. is the founder of the professional development organization, Real Brown Girls. Through a collaborative and supportive community, Real Brown Girls helps women who trust and believe greatness is in their reach as long as they are willing to put in the the work. Over 35,000 Women and Girls of Color are a part of the online community. Sable is a former high school educator that one day realized that she could build a community outside of her classroom. She left the world of teaching and began conducting career readiness focused workshops. Currently she is a non-profit program director.  Sable has had many career pathing takeaways from her sold-out networking events and workshops. We continued the conversation from the previous week and discuss the second focus of the Her Career By Intent series, Career Change Now or Later.