I’m excited for my blog, Career Tipper to reach its first blogiversary in 2015. I’m grateful for the many lessons of stretch that launching Career Tipper blog has bestowed upon me. I did not know where my blogging journey would lead me after penning my first blog post. What I knew for sure is that I wanted to help professionals increase their career confidence to pursue their professional goals and experiences that they desired. I’m humbled and grateful for the outcomes bestowed to me over the past year by becoming a blogger. I have celebrated for and with professionals that my blog has impacted through change of their career perspective, increased career confidence or clarity of what the next facet of their career is for them.

For me, Career Tipper blog has served as a creative platform that has reconnected me to my creative side through writing and product creation. The products I’ve created and blog posts that I have written are for my followers and clients from my heart. Promoting the importance of career confidence is an awareness that professionals need to be cognitive of understanding the why behind the impactful career decisions for themselves. Lack of experience, education, or resources are not always the career tipping factors that sometimes keeps us from being our professional best. The factor that can detour us from connecting to the subject matter expert, leader, influencer, or contributor of value that you were created and developed to be is often fastened to career confidence. On this blogiversary, I am grateful for the confirmation that I am on the correct path to expanding my footprint of helping people be the productive and prosperous professionals that they envision themselves being. Below are five lessons that blogging has taught me over the past year.

1. Be consistent. Cultivating my vision of my blog through action requires consistency. In the infancy stage, it is all a continual test of the best way that effectively deliver my message of career confidence. The logistical process of organization will streamline itself through consistency over time.

2. Content accountability. The importance of accountability to my followers, supporters, partners, and myself. I am committed to producing quality content that provides career motivation and professional insight. The level of content accountability is confirmed through comments, emails, text messages and phone calls that I receive after each blog post. They would share if the post provoked career confidence to be generated in a more efficient way for them in a new or refined manner. 

3.  Enjoy the journey. Blogging has led me to a path of dream fulfillment. My professional and personal goals of furthering my legacy of helping people eliminate perceived setbacks and move forward, dream and be proud and at peace with their career achievements is a cherished reality through blogging. 

4. Promote others. It is critical to promote, encourage, and celebrate others, especially in the same industry. My efforts in doing this have demonstrated my confidence in the words of Stacia Pierce, “The world is in a conspiracy to help me accomplish my goals.” There are wins for each of us. There’s no need for shrinking back and being reluctant to show up and invest your time and support in other professionals and peers that are pursuing their dreams as well.

5. Comparison perspective. I find a great value in the anonymous quote, “Don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter twenty.” My blogging journey is exclusively mine, there’s no need to compare. Each observation is only to educate me and or motivate me to a higher level of greatness and extend a kudos of appreciation for the lesson learned along the way for the vision stretch.

I’m also grateful for my blog partners in assisting me to manifesting the vision for Career Tipper blog and for some inviting me assist them in advocating their vision through honoring the importance of career confidence through me. I am thankful.