Stay positive. Stay productive. Stay Inspired.

I like many other professionals in any industry that has a progressive mindset of wanting to accomplish their career goals while meeting the expectations of their employer or business plan goals as an entrepreneur. I am just like you; a wink, gleam, or receipt of an avalanche of affirmations that I am on the right career path breeds confirmation. Some professionals choose to pursue multiple career paths at the same time. While others have their career goals unexpectedly be redefined by uncontrollable elements of change. In the ongoing moments of maintaining effective execution of multiple roles or finding the next career space that will provide you the financial and experience resolution to your checklist of needs, wants, and goals. Taking time to seek inspiration along the way is important. Inspiration is easy to identify if you remain present in the moment.

I am grateful to share a recent experience that has inspired me as career confidence blogger. I seized the opportunity to share ten tips to inspiring career confidence with ambitious college students that were seeking clues that would help them be prepared to confidently pursue their career plans and aspirations. It was beyond rewarding to have my confidence booster tips well received with aha moments expressions spreading throughout the room, through the “world is mine” bright eyes that stared back at me. During my sessions of sharing and encouraging these extraordinary students that had been chosen to receive my career confidence expertise, silently and unknowingly flipped the script and began to inspire me. It was simply fabulous to watch them study my blog from their smart phones. I actively listened to them apply their newly acquired career success triggers and tips that they sought; become the compass for them connecting the dots of how they will plan to accomplish their career goals. I was grateful to have Career Tipper blog lead me to my career tipping moment of inspiration of experiencing my blogging career goal of being a professional career confidence speaker that blogs.

My wish for each professional in any industry is to experience a similar inspirational experience that energizes them to remain focused and connected to the career path that they have been led to. I encourage you to find the moment of inspiration that is awaiting for you at your next meeting, conference, Skype call, or survey feedback.

Comment below and share a career tipping moment of inspiration that you’ve had.