Make Career Confident Moves Like a Superhero

Interference can appear in many forms while pursuing your career goals and aspirations. Sometimes it may be a challenge to confidently push past perceived setbacks to experience the career goals that you’ve been planning and making efforts to become your reality. In moments and seasons of professional transitions, it is important to keep a superhero mindset of, “I got this!” while being diligent and consistent to your professional development. Like most superheroes, you envision and train yourself to see circumstances beyond what they are today.

Superheroes are fictional characters that have empowered wide-eyed children and adults alike with big dreams. Many grew up reenacting their favorite trait of their favorite superhero reiterating their courage and confidence can lead them to conquer their fears and challenges head on. Similar to your favorite superhero; you have to focus on finding the solutions to your career queries. One may ask, “Who am I saving in the workplace?” That’s simple, yourself. The career moves you make on a daily basis either pushes you farther or closer to career goals that you want to accomplish and experience. No matter your speed of professional progression. Take a break and identify your superhero qualities that will keep you motivated and inspired to be your professional best. It’s time to plan, prepare, and confidently solidify your career moves and find value in the lessons along the way.

Plan by Getting Your Mind Right

Your thoughts and words matter, along with the company that you choose to keep. This friendly reminder is essential to remember when making moves like a superhero. When needed retreat for an hour or a few days to reflect, meditate and restructure your strategies and plans. Confront the conflicting thoughts that have you questioning your abilities. Reconnect with the skills and traits that make you the professional rock star that you are. List them and review them frequently. The knowledge that you’ve acquired may not be supernatural powers. Your knowledge skills and abilities does equip you to stand out in the workplace as a team member that “adds value.” Hence positioning yourself to evolve to your next level of professional best. Be intentional like your favorite superhero. Your role doesn’t only provide you money in exchange for your dedicated time. You receive an opportunity to stretch, develop, mentor, learn and progress. For some, that’s equally as valuable as the income they earn.

Prepare For Success Through Observation

Make superhero maneuvers. Observe your work environment and processes and identify pain points that you’re able to offer solutions for improvement. If there are no answers to provide at the moment. It’s ok. You’ have a reason to move forward and sharpen your skills and learn something new. Sign up and complete a class or attend a workshop to increase your knowledge on a certain topic. Strike up conversations with subject matter experts and undercover aha moments and takeaways of credible different perspectives that usher you to being a confident and distinctive voice and resource that helps evolve and profit the company’s work. Schedule a meeting with the minds lunch with seasoned and novice colleagues and have candid conversations.

Know Your “Why?”

Just like superheroes, we were born to conquer and make our mark in the world. It’s important to know why you have chosen or been selected to do what you do professionally. Know and gain an understanding of why you’re a sought after trainer, job creator, inventor, manager, associate, and the list goes on. Knowing your “why” confirms your purpose. Superheroes are aware of their calling and carry out their mission and assignments courageously. Confidently know what defines your “why” and keeps you focused on what matters and not caught up in irrelevant minutiae that don’t serve you well.

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