Accomplish Entrepreneurship Through Career Confidence

Accomplish Entrepreneurship Through Career Confidence


Is your 9 to 5 starting to make you unrecognizable to yourself in the way you speak and interact with your professional peers and your family? Are your words a bit more snarly and your patience for error across the board at work and home has been reduced to an extreme minimum? You like your job and grateful for the income you receive in exchange for your services rendered that finances your lifestyle. Although, during your free time you find yourself online searching to identify and connect with an entrepreneur outlet that you would enjoy, make more than supplemental income at and begin to recognize yourself again.

During a recent conversation with Mrs. MaryClare Audier, I was inspired by her journey to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur never entered Mrs. Audier mind, but several years in the corporate rat race changed her perspective. She heard the words from one of her now favorite mentors in Mary Kay, “You are where you are from the choices you make, or you allow others to make for you.” She started out in customer service, moved into account management doing sales. Mrs. Audier is now an Independent Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. She decided that her back up plan would be her exit plan from her corporate career. During our conversation, she shared that towards the end of her corporate tenure she had become unrecognizable to herself and chose to demonstrate career confidence and made the transition from corporate to being an entrepreneur. She was determined to living the lifestyle she desired in every area of her life. Eleven years later, four free cars later and in qualifications for the famous pink Cadillac! Ms. Audier loves the freedom, flexibility, financial control that comes from becoming her own boss.
Career Tipper: What professional experience prompted you to pursue your entrepreneurial goals full-time?

Audier: I was miserable and looked into other companies. I saw companies that would change the players, change the location of the water cooler, but the game would remain the same. That, along with the death of my Dad prompted me to work my Mary Kay full-time. My back up plan became the exit plan. Also, the financial independence being in business for myself, rather than depending on the company where downsizing is applicable, outsourced or laid off was also appealing.

Career Tipper: What advice would you give another professional that wants to demonstrate career confidence to improve their quality of life by changing their profession?

Audier: Stop being concerned with what you think others are thinking or saying about you. If you want it and you know, it will take you where you want to go  then go!  Mary Kay Ash said, “Plan your work, and work your plan.” Understand there is a logical and mathematical plan to take you from “here” to “there”, but you must work out of discipline, not emotion!

Career Tipper: Mrs. Audier, what is the most profound lesson from working a corporate job that has been an asset to you in being an entrepreneur?

Audier: Everyone is disposable – whether a nurse, a teacher or top sales rep – everything is a business. You are a part of their mathematical equation. There are also good people, good products, good services all around; sometimes you just need to look a little deeper.

Don’t Shrink Back During Salary Negotiation

Don’t Shrink Back During Salary Negotiation

You have gone through multiple interviews and successfully completed the application and background check process for a position that you have been vetting after for weeks. Now you have reached a moment that you have waited for, salary negotiation. There are professionals that are timid about confidently approaching salary negotiation, while there are professionals that are confidently bold when negotiation time arrives. It is important to have no reserve with being well researched and prepared to negotiate a salary to receive a higher annual income or rate than originally offered by an employer.

I recently crossed paths with Diana Griffith. Mrs. Griffith writes about how to live a happy life even when everything isn’t always perfect. Her blog focuses on tips, tricks, and observations about how to lead a happier and more successful life–however; you define it. By day, she has been a procurement professional for four years. What does that mean? She buys things and negotiates the prices for the products she buys. Over the years, Diana has worked her way up by taking a few different positions in different companies to increase her knowledge and income in the procurement field. In fact, she doubled her salary in 1.5 years through what she has learned through her negotiation tactics. I’m grateful and delighted to have her share her insight and strategy of negotiating salaries that have served her well on her career path.

Career Tipper: What are a few tips that professionals need to be mindful of in preparing for salary negotiations?

Griffith: First, do your research. Know what the market looks like in your area for the type of job you are trying to get. You can look on websites like and Make sure to look at variations of your job title to get a good feel. Also, remember that different industries may pay differently for the same job. For example, I’m a procurement professional, what I do pay a lot more in technical and manufacturing industries, but a lot less in hospitality industries.

Second, it’s not all about the money-There are a lot of non monetary things you can ask for in salary negotiations. Sometimes a company can’t part with more money towards salary, but they’re willing to offer other incentives if you ask. Be creative. In my last job, I not only negotiated a higher salary, but an extra week of vacation, a better job title, and money from the company for continuing education. That was all because they couldn’t meet my initial base salary that I was requesting. This approach especially works well for small and medium companies that can make creative decisions to get hired.

Third, don’t accept the very first offer-I once was doing some hiring for a previous job. I needed to bring on someone who could help with administrative tasks. I found a young girl that was perfect for the job, and I was so excited to have her on. My manager had given me a salary range to offer, and I offered her the mid-range salary (I thought the low range was just too low for the position, and I felt bad). I was willing to pay her the highest range because I felt that was the minimum the job should pay. I offered her the job at the mid-range salary, and she took it. I wanted to scream at her over the phone, “ask my for more money! I will give it to you!” but I just couldn’t. She was a great employee and deserved that little extra I gave her. I was unable to convince my boss after we hired her that she deserved a higher salary. Moral of the story do not take the very first offer. The company may not have more money to give you, but you’ll never know if you take the first offer given to you. It’s easier to negotiate before you have the job instead of afterwards.

Career Tipper: What is your perspective of how confidence and mindset play a role in salary negotiation?

Griffith: Confidence is very important in salary negotiations. You have to act like you know what you’re talking about–even when you feel like you don’t know. Desperation reads all over your face. Keep an open posture (shoulders back, sit up straight, and smile). These efforts will help you remain confident during the negotiation. Also, before the interview, try to sneak away to the bathroom and stand in a wonder woman pose–shoulders back, legs spread wide, arms bent and fists at your waist. I know this sounds crazy, but studies have shown that standing or sitting in high power positions (such as this one) will raise testosterone levels and lower cortisol levels. Meaning that you’ll go into an interview or the negotiation feeling more powerful and less stressed. Studies have also shown you’ll be more willing to take risks that can be beneficial in a salary negotiation.

Career Tipper: What are specific things that professionals need to be prepared to say during salary negotiations meeting?

Griffith: First, try NOT to let them know what your salary range is. Let them make the first move. Of course, if they ask, let them know, but never let them know your lowest range. I always like to say about 10% higher than I’m willing to take. That means 10% higher on the high side and the low side. I would not let them know how low you are willing to take the job for, trust me they’ll start there if they can. Studying the market is key.

Once during an interview, I was laughed at for how much I asked for in an interview once (it was an initial phone interview by the way). When I told her my range, she laughed and told me what they were willing to pay which was much lower than I was willing to go. She said, “nobody would pay you that.” I told her I was already making the low-end of my range and looking for new opportunities to grow, so yes, I was, in fact being paid exactly that. Obviously it wasn’t the right fit for her or me, and that’s ok.

When talking about the money you want to make, you need to emphasize the value you are going to bring to the company. Bring up issues they spoke about in the interview and how you will be able to address them. Remind them that paying you what you’re worth is a solid investment in growing your relationship with the company. The company doesn’t care what your mortgage is or how much day care costs, they care about what you can do for them. Make sure to remind them when you are telling them what you think you are worth.

Make a joke, seriously. I’ve used this tactic successfully in a raise negotiation. A study from the University of Idaho found that making a joke about a million-dollar salary increased subsequent offers by 10%. So when they ask what your salary range is, jokingly say “A million dollars would be nice. Haha.” Then follow-up with what you think is a fair rate for the job. This request will open their expectations to giving you more. It sounds silly but it works.

Career Inspiration Awaits You

Career Inspiration Awaits You

Stay positive. Stay productive. Stay Inspired.

I like many other professionals in any industry that has a progressive mindset of wanting to accomplish their career goals while meeting the expectations of their employer or business plan goals as an entrepreneur. I am just like you; a wink, gleam, or receipt of an avalanche of affirmations that I am on the right career path breeds confirmation. Some professionals choose to pursue multiple career paths at the same time. While others have their career goals unexpectedly be redefined by uncontrollable elements of change. In the ongoing moments of maintaining effective execution of multiple roles or finding the next career space that will provide you the financial and experience resolution to your checklist of needs, wants, and goals. Taking time to seek inspiration along the way is important. Inspiration is easy to identify if you remain present in the moment.

I am grateful to share a recent experience that has inspired me as career confidence blogger. I seized the opportunity to share ten tips to inspiring career confidence with ambitious college students that were seeking clues that would help them be prepared to confidently pursue their career plans and aspirations. It was beyond rewarding to have my confidence booster tips well received with aha moments expressions spreading throughout the room, through the “world is mine” bright eyes that stared back at me. During my sessions of sharing and encouraging these extraordinary students that had been chosen to receive my career confidence expertise, silently and unknowingly flipped the script and began to inspire me. It was simply fabulous to watch them study my blog from their smart phones. I actively listened to them apply their newly acquired career success triggers and tips that they sought; become the compass for them connecting the dots of how they will plan to accomplish their career goals. I was grateful to have Career Tipper blog lead me to my career tipping moment of inspiration of experiencing my blogging career goal of being a professional career confidence speaker that blogs.

My wish for each professional in any industry is to experience a similar inspirational experience that energizes them to remain focused and connected to the career path that they have been led to. I encourage you to find the moment of inspiration that is awaiting for you at your next meeting, conference, Skype call, or survey feedback.

Comment below and share a career tipping moment of inspiration that you’ve had.

Giving Back Is Leading By Example

Giving Back Is Leading By Example

Are you inspired to set aside time to give back to your community after reading an inspiring community article or watching a heart warming video of how volunteering or fundraising positively impacted a community? In the same moment of being sparked to take action; you wonder when you’ll have the time to commit to the organization and be of good service. I hear you loud and clear and encourage you to get creative on how you can satisfy your desire to give back.

Recently many participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge while others did a little house cleaning and donated clothes and home goods to local charities. I would like to encourage you to join FLBlogCon’s FLBlogging 4 Good annual focus of bloggers in Florida, using social media power to benefit an amazing non-profit organization. This year’s cause of choice is the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. The Mission of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida is to create hope and nourish lives through a powerful hunger relief network while multiplying the generosity of a caring community.

From the comfort of your home or desk you can launch an online food drive. Be sure to take to a few minutes to promote through your preferred social media platforms. Don’t forget to use #FLblogging4good and #floridamilk when promoting your online food drive. Then let loose a huge smile because you followed through and accomplished your goal to be a contributor of greatness to your community. In the infamous words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”



Your Nails Are a Part Of Your Professional First Impression

Your Nails Are a Part Of Your Professional First Impression

Have you ever sat in a meeting and started day dreaming and then you noticed your business colleague’s nails? You noticed their nails and began to wonder based on their nail bed if they were a worrier. Had limited time in their schedule to pay attention to their nails, or were impressed with how well manicured they were, or surprised that they were unclean in lieu of their well-polished professional attire. Our nail care is an indicator of how we pay attention to details and handle stress. Some professionals choose to keep their nails clean and well manicured while others dismiss the importance of taking care of their nails. Nail care should matter to professionals and be a part of their personal, professional reflection on a daily basis. For some nail care treatments are a part of their everyday life while others reserve nail care treatments for special moments and occasions only. Whichever is your personal fancy; basic nail care should be a part of your everyday personal care.

20140913_125612 copy

The details of my nail treatment at Aveda Institute Orlando.

The details of my nail treatment at Aveda Institute Orlando. In the past few days, I visited the beautiful Aveda Institute Orlando and had an essential nail treatment. It was such a serene and educational experience with premium customer service provided. My assigned Nail Tech took the time to explain the purpose of each manicure tool used and how-to properly use them at home. A bonus from the nail treatment given at the Aveda Institute Orlando is that I got to take all of the manicure tools that were used during my nail treatment to use at home. In addition, I was also given the bottle of lacquer that used for my manicure. I adore the SpaRitual Mystic Creme Nail Lacquer that I chose to accomplish my desired career nails look in the Aveda Store located inside Aveda Institute Orlando. I also like using the Aveda Cuticle Control that was a great recommendation. I’m already seeing great results in just a few days.

During my visit to the Aveda Institute Orlando I connected with one of their graduates, Kayla Gibson. Ms. Gibson is a Cosmetologist that spent an extensive, comprehensive period of studying nails during her Cosmetology program. She made the decision to work in the beauty industry because she felt like it’s important to make people feel valued and beautiful. Many people visit the Aveda Institute Orlando for hair services, massages, or nail services to relax or have someone listen to them. She thinks that creating a rapport with your customers is important and special. I interviewed Ms. Gibson for her to share her expert trained opinion on nail care tips, color trends for Fall 2014 and how nail care can impact your first impression.

Career Tipper: How can one’s personal nail care presentation impact their first impression perception of a potential employer during an interview?

Gibson: I believe nail care is a reflection of personal hygiene. You wouldn’t go into an interview with dirty or wrinkled clothes, so why treat your nails differently? The employer is going to assess your outward appearance before anything else, so at the very least, your nails should be clean under the free edge and maintained at a professional length.

Career Tipper: Being a licensed nail tech, what professional lesson has let you have career longevity?

Gibson: Employers aren’t the only people who matter when it comes to first impressions. Everyone you meet is a potential customer, so you should carry yourself accordingly.

Career Tipper: What are a few home care tips that women and men can complete in between nail treatments?

Gibson: Moisturize! Moisturizer for your nails is most important. It prevents hands and feet from cracking and creating pesky hangnails. Aveda’s Hand Relief and Foot Relief is my go-to moisturizer after a manicure or pedicure. The hand relief lasts through 3 hand washes after application, and the foot relief contains salicylic acid to aid in cell turnover. If the hangnails do appear between nail treatments, you can always invest in nail trimmers for your cuticles to keep them at bay. Cleaning underneath the nail as needed and applying a thin clear coat also helps manicures and pedicures longevity if you keep a natural nail.

Career Tipper: What are a few nail care trends and colors you suggest professionals wear at work for the Fall 2014 season?

Gibson: Jewel tones, nude/neutral shades, and metallics are going to be the most sought after looks for the upcoming Fall season. I’m rocking a glittery nude myself.



Healthy Eating Tips For Career Professionals

Healthy Eating Tips For Career Professionals

Many professionals are constantly on the go with balancing their dreams and personal responsibilities during a work day that requires them to be present and dialed into accomplishing their daily business tasks. Professionals should be aware and focused on healthy eating. They know that being healthy in their food choices is simply a must on a regular basis daily. For some, there are a variety of body and mental triggers such as inconsistent energy levels or inability to focus throughout the day that will set off a consistent healthy awareness reminder alert. Skipping meals and unhealthy snacking can lead to the unwanted career tipping moment of fatigue, weight gain and decreased productivity.

I aim to be healthy in my daily food choices, but I must admit I do have a sweet tooth. I enjoy eating and gifting the vegan cake jars made with love by V. Traybon. Ms. Traybon aka “The Queen of All Things Domestic” is the Creator of SavorV and the author of The SO Very Simple Veggie Cookbook. She shares healthy and tasty vegan plant-based meal suggestions and preparation tips with those that subscribe to her home and garden SavorV newsletter at I look forward to reading her newsletter weekly for her holistic approach to healthy eating and living. I reached out to “The Queen of All Things Domestic” for her to share her savvy perspective on how to stay on task with healthy eating while maintaining your optimal work performance level on an ongoing basis. I’m excited to share this interview because I love the friendly reminders and for some aha moments of how to keep healthy food choices a part of your core fundamentals that can be easily continually executed.

Career Tipper: A business day can bring upon a range of emotions such as feelings of accomplishment, rejection, stress, or happiness. What is your perspective of how nutrition can assist professionals in maintaining balance throughout their business day?

Taybron: Our health begins in the mind. You have to eat foods that love your body because you are what you eat. When our minds are truly clear, we do not just let any and everything into our space. Including our mouths. Things like fast foods are not only unhealthy for you, but they weigh the body down. It is important to feed your body things that promote its nourishment as vitality.

Career Tipper: What is your recommended healthy meal planning strategy for professionals on the go? Sometimes many find it easier to spend their time and money to eat out for their daily meals and frequent their office’s vending machine for snacks.

Taybron: You should plan your food the same way in which you plan your day. If I’m on the go, the only types of quick foods I eat are chains like Panera Bread, Chipotle, or something that promotes organic meats and vegetables. I also only grocery shop with stores that I know care about health such as Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Sprouts. Once I do my grocery shopping I set aside a few hours on Sundays to arrange my meals. For example, today I had a nice smoothie that I made for breakfast, garden salad, and some sea salt cashews for a snack. I find that it is easy to have lots of Tupperware that you can use to portion control your meals. However, you have to make your health a priority. If you don’t have the time, you must create the time to plan your meals.

Career Tipper: As we transition into the Fall season and stress management is a constant focus for many. What are your suggestions on how professionals can incorporate immune boosters into their daily diet beyond vitamin intake?

Taybron: I recommend two immune boosters. One is meditation/prayer the other is positive thinking. It is very possible for stress in the body to make you physically sick. There is tons of research to back up this claim. When seasons change for the Fall and Winter season, people oftentimes get very depressed. The holiday season can be very stressful. Stress causes people to overeat or under nourish themselves. You must maintain control of your mind. Stress comes from allowing external circumstances to cloud your mind. Stay positive by thinking good thoughts, meditating, praying, and doing light exercises like yoga. If you implement these things you will see an immediate boost in your mood, energy, and immune system. People who are worry free don’t get sick often.

Career Tipper: You’re always encouraging your newsletter subscribers and Instagram followers to diversify their meal plan. What is your favorite easy to prepare homemade breakfast and lunch that packs well if need be?

Taybron: For breakfast, I recommend lots of fresh fruits or dried fruits that have a longer shelf life. A lot of grocery stores now have on the go oatmeal that you can add a little hot water or hot milk that can be quickly prepared. My personal favorite is yogurt and granola. Yogurt contains acidophilus and lactobacillus which aids in the digestive process. For lunch, I try my very best to eat a diet that is full of vegetables like salads, stir fry, veggie lasagna, pasta, and more. All of these can be cooked at home and then portion controlled by using Tupperware. In the Fall, I love to make lots of meals in my crock pot like chilies and stews that I freeze. At the end of the day, your health has to be a priority. All health begins in the mind. A healthy mind is a healthy body. Make your health the most important part of your day.

Checkout V. Traybon’s The So Very Simple Veggie Cookbook and comment below sharing your favorite healthy eating tips.