Collaborating with other businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, or consultants can be mutually beneficial to both entities as a way to build and evolve the mission of their companies, fine tuning of their services and increased profits. Partnering with others also often leads to other brand beneficial partnerships and opportunities. For those of you that may be reluctant to collaborate with others, look at this option as a way to further establish yourself as a subject matter expert. Your expertise is complimenting another brand, and together you’re expanding your audience reach to people you may not have had the chance to interact with and positively impact otherwise. Collaborating with others also promotes and reinforces confidence in your skills and abilities. Working to produce something great with others not only introduces something worthy of recognition but also promotes an analysis of our business perspective, actions, and a review of the outcomes that your communication style generated. Did your collaborative efforts spark the beginning of a potential long-term relationship or a revelation of a new direction for your brand? Was your desired goal accomplished through the collaboration? Did you recognize the wins and lessons learned from the experience? 

I enjoy collaborating with other professionals and brands. It’s fun, adventurous, informative, and a great way to be creative. One brand that I collaborate with is GotChosen through their Social Exchange. GotChosen is a company with a dream. For the past two years, GotChosen has established a positive online presence by giving away 43 college scholarships. They have surpassed $250,000 in awarded scholarships. They are attracting over 4,000 visitors daily to the Social Exchange. GotChosen is inviting bloggers and websites to join the Social Exchange that they believe would be a positive influence for young adults. Their goal is also to create a more respectful internet- to respect the privacy and choices of users, and to respect the traffic generated by the quality content. I’m grateful to be an early adopter of the Social Exchange. The Social Exchange is a community that promotes each other. The GotChosen team makes periodic posts about adopters website on the appropriate channels. Together becoming partners in each other’s success. 

This week, the GotChosen team and I are promoting a contest on the GotChosen channel to over 58,000 subscribers on the Social Exchange. One of my channel subscribers will receive a free hour of career counseling with me. It’s a win-win opportunity for both of us. 

To learn more about how you can get involved with the Social Exchange to promote your brand and hang the curtain on your site, please visit for more details.