Many professionals are constantly on the go with balancing their dreams and personal responsibilities during a work day that requires them to be present and dialed into accomplishing their daily business tasks. Professionals should be aware and focused on healthy eating. They know that being healthy in their food choices is simply a must on a regular basis daily. For some, there are a variety of body and mental triggers such as inconsistent energy levels or inability to focus throughout the day that will set off a consistent healthy awareness reminder alert. Skipping meals and unhealthy snacking can lead to the unwanted career tipping moment of fatigue, weight gain and decreased productivity.

I aim to be healthy in my daily food choices, but I must admit I do have a sweet tooth. I enjoy eating and gifting the vegan cake jars made with love by V. Traybon. Ms. Traybon aka “The Queen of All Things Domestic” is the Creator of SavorV and the author of The SO Very Simple Veggie Cookbook. She shares healthy and tasty vegan plant-based meal suggestions and preparation tips with those that subscribe to her home and garden SavorV newsletter at I look forward to reading her newsletter weekly for her holistic approach to healthy eating and living. I reached out to “The Queen of All Things Domestic” for her to share her savvy perspective on how to stay on task with healthy eating while maintaining your optimal work performance level on an ongoing basis. I’m excited to share this interview because I love the friendly reminders and for some aha moments of how to keep healthy food choices a part of your core fundamentals that can be easily continually executed.

Career Tipper: A business day can bring upon a range of emotions such as feelings of accomplishment, rejection, stress, or happiness. What is your perspective of how nutrition can assist professionals in maintaining balance throughout their business day?

Taybron: Our health begins in the mind. You have to eat foods that love your body because you are what you eat. When our minds are truly clear, we do not just let any and everything into our space. Including our mouths. Things like fast foods are not only unhealthy for you, but they weigh the body down. It is important to feed your body things that promote its nourishment as vitality.

Career Tipper: What is your recommended healthy meal planning strategy for professionals on the go? Sometimes many find it easier to spend their time and money to eat out for their daily meals and frequent their office’s vending machine for snacks.

Taybron: You should plan your food the same way in which you plan your day. If I’m on the go, the only types of quick foods I eat are chains like Panera Bread, Chipotle, or something that promotes organic meats and vegetables. I also only grocery shop with stores that I know care about health such as Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Sprouts. Once I do my grocery shopping I set aside a few hours on Sundays to arrange my meals. For example, today I had a nice smoothie that I made for breakfast, garden salad, and some sea salt cashews for a snack. I find that it is easy to have lots of Tupperware that you can use to portion control your meals. However, you have to make your health a priority. If you don’t have the time, you must create the time to plan your meals.

Career Tipper: As we transition into the Fall season and stress management is a constant focus for many. What are your suggestions on how professionals can incorporate immune boosters into their daily diet beyond vitamin intake?

Taybron: I recommend two immune boosters. One is meditation/prayer the other is positive thinking. It is very possible for stress in the body to make you physically sick. There is tons of research to back up this claim. When seasons change for the Fall and Winter season, people oftentimes get very depressed. The holiday season can be very stressful. Stress causes people to overeat or under nourish themselves. You must maintain control of your mind. Stress comes from allowing external circumstances to cloud your mind. Stay positive by thinking good thoughts, meditating, praying, and doing light exercises like yoga. If you implement these things you will see an immediate boost in your mood, energy, and immune system. People who are worry free don’t get sick often.

Career Tipper: You’re always encouraging your newsletter subscribers and Instagram followers to diversify their meal plan. What is your favorite easy to prepare homemade breakfast and lunch that packs well if need be?

Taybron: For breakfast, I recommend lots of fresh fruits or dried fruits that have a longer shelf life. A lot of grocery stores now have on the go oatmeal that you can add a little hot water or hot milk that can be quickly prepared. My personal favorite is yogurt and granola. Yogurt contains acidophilus and lactobacillus which aids in the digestive process. For lunch, I try my very best to eat a diet that is full of vegetables like salads, stir fry, veggie lasagna, pasta, and more. All of these can be cooked at home and then portion controlled by using Tupperware. In the Fall, I love to make lots of meals in my crock pot like chilies and stews that I freeze. At the end of the day, your health has to be a priority. All health begins in the mind. A healthy mind is a healthy body. Make your health the most important part of your day.

Checkout V. Traybon’s The So Very Simple Veggie Cookbook and comment below sharing your favorite healthy eating tips.