Grüner Smoothie mit frischen Zutaten

Each day can gift us with many lessons and wins. How we choose to handle the outcomes can sometimes determine whether or not we advance in contract negotiations, promotions, or receive a long-awaited professional connection. There are many factors in preparing to win each day no matter what the outcome may be. A few of the factors include effective communication, proper follow-up, exercise, sufficient sleep, and nutritious healthy actions.

Nutritious healthy actions? Yes, nutritious healthy actions. How you choose to nourish your body physically and nutritionally is a factor on how you handle the outcomes of your day. Your nutritional actions are a substantial component to your energy levels. This is a health perspective that I find myself continually revisiting on a frequent basis. I am consistently on the hunt for quick healthy food preparation options. Especially for breakfast, I love smoothies and meals that I can make daily with ease. I find when I do exercise, meditate, and eat mini meals throughout the day after having a healthy breakfast; my energy level is great and assists me in increasing clarity and heightened focus throughout my work day. I recently came across an awesome green smoothie post on Pinterest that was giving great tips and suggested tools on how to prepare to blend a yummy green smoothie each morning. I am elated to share the healthy resource, Simple Green Smoothies with you. It is a great resource sharing the health and lifestyle benefits of green smoothies.  The site also features diverse green smoothie recipes that can assist you in starting each day with a green smoothie that is a treat for your health and your taste buds.

A healthy lifestyle is essential to the quality of your career longevity. Healthy living assists you in broadcasting that you take care of yourself while displaying a good professional look. Healthy living hot topics are great conversation starters with peers at work or at networking events. Healthy living also provides motivation and confidence by experiencing the feeling of empowerment that comes from making healthy lifestyle choices daily. Remember that taking the dedicated time to seriously take care of yourself is equally important as you successfully completing your career tasks and goals. Take the time to meet with a nutritionist, massage therapist, and get regular medical check ups. These suggestions are worthy of your time and financial resources to be able to follow through with actively pursuing your career aspirations and life legacy.

Daily Affirmation

I choose to participate in healthy living activities on a daily basis for the overall wellness of my body, and mind that will increase clarity and overall productivity in personal and professional ventures.

Suggested Green Smoothie Resource

Simple Green Smoothies shares delicious green smoothies recipes, smoothie challenges/cleanses, and product resources.

Suggested Healthy Living Product

For the professionals that are always on the go and road warriors, make an investment in a mini blender (i.e. Magic Bullet NutriBullet). Freeze and pack your fruit in advance if it’s feasible with your lodging accommodations. No excuses, make green smoothies and healthy eating a part of your daily meal plan routine.