Are you at a place in your career where you desire a career promotion? You have embraced the constructive feedback from your employer and mentors.  You’ve acquired the needed certifications and education to be viewed as promotable. You aim to display a can-do attitude with a smile in all that you do. Yet as time passes, pending opportunities of advancement seem to look like a mirage of anticipation. I hear you loud and clear.

There was a season during my retail career path where I knew I was making a consistent dedicated effort to improve and master my role. I was hungry for professional advancement and multiple uncontrollable situations were continuing to prevail. I went into a reflection mode that led to an acceptance mode that led to a grateful place of being appreciative of the professional experience. That moment in time reiterated in my mind and spirit; what’s for me is mine but the career advancement may not come the way I was looking for it to manifest in my life.

I then remembered that there was one success trigger that I had not fully executed to positively change my career path, journaling. I started listing everything that I wanted to experience in my new role that I had complete confidence and faith would happen for me. I had fun listing all my career wishes that included, but not limited to; continued professional development, domestic and/or international travel monthly, financial increase, cherished memories and lessons, a role that I woke up to loving daily, and managing the development of business processes. I then transformed the list into a detailed affirmation that I read at least twice a day.  At the onset of a career frustration that would occur randomly during my business day; I would read the affirmation. The affirmation evolved into a peace of mind balm. I read the affirmation so much that it eventually became committed to memory. Let’s just say I was on a mission, smiles. I’m happy to share that this particular affirmation manifested in thirty days. I strongly believe that my preparation, faith, and confidence in my career goal coming to fruition arrived right when it was supposed to.

Ironically my career advancement did not arrive in the desired package from my employer at the time. It arrived super sized with gifting everything I wanted on my career wish list. I went from affirming my career goal daily to living my goal out loud with my first travel stop in my new role being London, England.

Today and everyday I encourage you to take time to affirm your dreams and prepare for the next career experience that you want to list on your LinkedIn profile daily. Even if it’s an expansion of your current role as long as it promotes your professional development goals.

What way has journaling, affirmations, or other success triggers helped you advance in your career? I would love to know one of your most prized success stories that came from being prepared for your next level career move.