Be Loyal To Your Definition of Success

Are you professionally settling?

You’ve thrown in the towel, and you’ve accepted that your current role and professional experiences are apropos with your revised definition of success. My next question to you is, “Why are you choosing not to be determined to live your definition of success?” Life is too short not be focused and committed to developing yourself to experience promotion and next-level opportunities.

Today, I challenge you to assess yourself and determine what you can and will do today to shift your efforts to remain or get on track to being your professional best consistently. The evolution of your professional best will gift highs and lows that will strengthen your confidence, increase your knowledge, maximize your value, refine your integrity and connect you with like-minded professionals that no matter the frequency you interact and communicate with them you want to see each other excel and fulfill your uniquely designed professional legacy. Be bold in seeking the career advancement resources that you need. Invest in yourself financially and by making good use of your time. Upgrade your career style as needed. Make a choice to be current and relevant on an ongoing basis. Be faithful to your goals and aspirations. Be strategic, humble and positively intentionally in how you speak favorably about yourself others continually. Ask questions. Be still more often and speak less when needed. Express solutions and ignite discovery talks that cement resolve. At the end of the day, choose to live with the peace that you’re unapologetically loyal to experiencing your definition of success.

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