Have you ever been told you need to take time for a woosah moment? Usually that question pops up in the middle of a stress filled moment or when someone who has your best interest in mind can sense that you are entering your danger zone of seeming like your head is going to spin around several times out of frustration. To some that question may be embarrassing because, it is evident that their emotions have gone beyond the realm of professionalism and positivity and stress has been detected. For others it is a reality check moment of realizing that they really need to take some time to slow down and have some “down time”, to concentrate on one’s self. The important takeaway for the moment is that you have to find a way to decompress and identify and hold yourself accountable to taking time to manage your stress levels. It is important to acknowledge that managing your stress levels should be viewed as a part of your basic care.

Take the time to research resources that are available to you to assist you in managing stress. Your health, life longevity, and quality of life are worth your consistent effort. I personally am an advocate of massages to help reduce and eliminate stress from dwelling in your body. My body and spirit does an internal happy dance for the rejuvenation reboot monthly.

I’m grateful for licensed massage therapist, Carole Jastremski, MA. She is always educating me on the importance of physical and breathing exercises along with sufficient water intake reminders. Ms. Jastremski is passionate about her profession and wellness practices of her clients through her dedicated actions and conversations. I recently interviewed Ms. Jastremski and asked her what motivates her to be effective in her career that has bestowed her dedicated repeat clients and career longevity.

Career Tipper:    What moment and/or experience in your career confirmed that massage therapy would be your career legacy?

Jastremski:    There has never been a moment or one defining experience. I would have to say that it has been accumulative over the years. The constant appreciation and most appreciative praise from my clients over the years has reinforced my choice to become a therapist was the correct choice for me.

Career Tipper:    How can consistent monthly massages be beneficial to career professionals that work in a corporate or industrial environment?

Jastremski:    Life in general is stressful, but most career professionals understand the added stress of work. I firmly believe most professionals put their job and family first before themselves. They strive to be number one at work. They take care of their families and maybe at some point make time for themselves. Yet if you don’t take care of yourself your family, self and job will all suffer. Receiving a monthly massage has many health benefits. Not only does it just feel great, but you are helping relieve stress and tension in your muscles. You are promoting blood and oxygen circulation and supply throughout the bodies muscles and organs. A massage helps you flush out the toxins and lactic acid that gets trapped in tense muscles. You could almost consider it as a monthly detox for your muscles. Massage is a healthy and natural way to promote good health.

Career Tipper:    What is your suggested business strategy to have career longevity and consistent clientele?

Jastremski:    I have been a massage therapist for 14 years now. I believe my longevity is partly attributed to my own self care and very simply listening to my clients needs and wants. Everyone wants to be heard. No matter what your profession is if you are not listening to your clients needs you will not be successful. Your clients will find another who will listen and take care of their needs.

Career Tipper:    How do you keep yourself motivated during your day-to-day routine of working with clients?

Jastremski:    I seriously love my work as a massage therapist. For me it is fairly easy to stay motivated throughout the day. I see many of the same clients on a regular basis and many I now consider friends. I enjoy seeing my clients and helping them to feel better gives me great joy. It’s a feeling that is hard to express in words. I simply love to help people and for me that is my daily motivation.

Feel free to share this post with a co-worker or a friend that needs to take their wellness plan to next level to reduce stress and have career longevity.