Orlando Lady Boss

Michele continues the Skills Recharged conversation with the host of Orlando Lady Boss podcast, Diana Griffth. Tune in on Spotify and iTunes.

Recommended by Women on the Rise Orlando

The Career Tipper podcast was recommended as a podcast to listen to in 2019 by Women on the Rise Orlando.

Focus the Fire

Michele unboxed practical steps for becoming your professional best at any stage of your career with Dalan V. the host of of Focus The Fire Podcast. Check out episode 78 on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or Stitcher Radio.

Mogul Millennial

Thank you Mogul Millennial for the inviting Michele to share career advice. Michele shares four tips on how to confidently commit to accomplishing your career goals.

Confidently You

Michele’s book, Confidently You is a featured Amazon pick by Winnie Caldwell the Founder of the blog, The Wirehanger by Winnie.

Sistas On Fire IRL Series

Michele shares career navigation suggestions during the current age of artificial intelligence with Natasha Nurse during a Facebook Live interview for Sistas On Fire IRL Series. Watch the replay on YouTube.


Michele got transparent with Gayon of She Ventures Now Podcast. She shared details of her own journey of upleveling personal accountability. She also shares career tips. Plus, why she’s on a mission to encourage professionals to keep their #skillsrecharged to stay competitive in an ever-changing global workforce. Tune in to episode 66 on Stitcher Radio and iTunes.

The Business Blast

Tyler Wagner invited Michele to share career tips and insight on how to evolve to your next level of professional best. Tune in on Apple Podcasts.

Work It Daily

Thanks Work It Daily for featuring Michele in this insightful read about training to be more confidence.

Click here to read the feature!

Dream Without Limits Radio

On this episode Alex Hanse, the host of DWLR talks with Michele about the beginning of Career Tipper. A blog dedicated to motivating people to do bigger and better things in their professional career. Listen to Michele as she describes her journey into professional blogging! About Michele Michele Badie is a career confidence speaker and business development professional that has a diverse background of working for different national and international companies in various industries such as beauty, education, and retail.

Recognized by Mac's List

Career Tipper podcast has been recognized by Mac’s List in the 2019 Top Career Podcast guide.

Episode 95 on Sports Mastery

Michele had a great time chatting with DeShawn the host of Sports Mastery podcast about time management, keeping grit along the journey, entrepreneurship, and tips on staying motives. Check out episode 95 on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Time management and Planning for Success

Michele was invited back to chat with Jay Jacobs about time management and planning for success. Check out episode 64 on Sound Cloud and iTunes.

I Hate Average Podcast

Check out Episode 31 of I Hate Average Podcast. Michele chats with the host, Jay Jacobs and shares cool nuggets being confident in business and personal development.

Blog Talk TV

Michele had a wonderful time interviewing with the hosts of Blog Talk TV, Bess Auer and Ben Reed. During the episode they chatted about the creation of the Career Tipper iPhone app, Career and Success Affirmation and the online course, 10 Tips To Inspiring Career Confidence.