Meet Michele

Michele Badie

You’re in the right place if you’re seeking ways to be confidently your professional best or in need of a little career motivational boost to excel in accomplishing your career goals.

During Michele’s tenure, in Career Services in for-profit higher education, she realized that confidence versus lack of knowledge and skills often stopped many qualified professionals from fully pursuing their career goals and aspirations. That professional experience was the genesis of Michele’s journey to launching Career Tipper®. Her efforts with Career Tipper are rooted in wanting to encourage amazing professionals to evolve to their professional best by keeping their skills recharged. Career Tipper is a professional development resource that started as a career and mindset blog and transformed to include an affirmations app and then transitioned into a podcast. Michele hosted The Confidence Conversation and Career Tipper podcasts that featured interviews of seasoned professionals in different industries sharing their expertise and professional development resources on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, and YouTube.

Michele currently enjoys managing projects at her 9 to 5. In 2021, Michele, aka Career Tipper, chose to amplify the focus of her Skills Recharged® podcast series to progress her efforts of helping professionals to define their messaging, as we all are navigating new ebbs and flows of our career during a pandemic. Encouraging and consulting with professionals and solopreneurs to discover and reconnect to skills that will help them advance their career trajectory, start a new income stream, or find a new role while evolving to their professional best is a sought-after talent of hers. Michele wants her efforts with Skills Recharged® and Keep Your Stride to help professionals connect the dots to an implementable strategy for themselves that will propel them to excel through a diverse and ever-changing global workforce. Message or tag Michele with your #skillsrecharged updates on social media. Also, check out her book, Confidently You: 21-Day Action Plan to Your Professional Best at


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“I am so glad to have such a powerful tool in my shed.

I am beyond grateful for Confidently You. The daily career affirmations and action items are bound to take you to another level and heighten your professional and personal senses. This book makes you fine-tune and articulate specific goals and objectives. It lends assistance in helping you stay focused on achieving your level of professional and personal greatness. I am so glad to have such a powerful tool in my shed. Thank you, Michele Badie, for caring enough to take time and share this wealth of knowledge, tips and tactics with others.”

Janell Chambers

“This will definitely get your professional and personal life on track!!

Michele Badie is a genius!!! At the very beginning, she has the reader to make a commitment to be motivated and to accomplish the tasks that are listed in the book. She takes you on a daily journey to be accountable in doing the assigned tasks. This book will definitely get your professional and personal life on track. I highly recommend this book if it is your goal to take your life to the next level. Thank you Michele!!!!”

Carole Davis