Our career path and journeys to experience the success we vision board, journal about and plan to experience are full of twists, aha moments and more often than we desire, self-reflection. The journey, to being career confident can be a wild adventure for some and sprint to the finish line for others. For many through trials and errors, classes, workshops, mentorship or observations have learned different efficient tactics and ways to build their career confidence. When it is all said and done, accountability to self is the key to your overall development of owning your career confidence. No matter where you are in your career. New grad or a seasoned professional, we consistently are forced to revisit the basics of professionalism to keep us grounded and focus on fine tuning our strengths and developing the skills that challenge us. No matter the outcome of each day, remain determined to remain confident in your career journey and each lesson that you acquire along the way that gifts you clarity, answers, heightened professional awareness and coveted wisdom.

Owning your career confidence will lead you to your next level of excellence that only you can create and contribute to the legacy of your career. Your confidence in yourself and your abilities, when you’re misunderstood, driving change or developing yourself for advancement will be a beacon of light that will assist you in remaining unshaken and diligent in your career pursuit. Your successes and net results will serve you well as you hold fast to completing the course to accomplishing your career goals with the expected and unexpected detours along the way. There is no special formula to owning your career confidence because everyone’s experience dynamics is different. There is one action component that is required by all, consistency. There is no getting around it, trust the process. Be consistent in evolving your mindset of excellence. Be consistent with expanding your research and network. Be consistent with being confident in your ability to be successful regardless of the timeline of accomplishment. Be consistent with being accountable to owning your career confidence, your peace of mind about your career is worth it.