Episode 43 of The Career Tipper podcast features Ambika Deva. She has over 15 years of experience within the physical therapy industry and specializes in geriatric and orthopedic-related injuries. In 2011, she launched Deva Physical Therapy in the New York City and Northern New Jersey area due to overwhelming requests from patients to be seen at their home or office. She recognized the need for personalized home care for individuals with movement impairments and wanted to enable them to enjoy their lives, families, and the beautiful city they live in uninhibited by health conditions. Deva Physical Therapy’s unique programs, treats an injury from an accident or chronic condition. Ambika understands the importance of proper biomechanics when assessing the pathologies that can affect muscle and joint capacity and range of motion. During this episode, Ambika shares her physical therapy expertise and chats about the empowering benefits of physical therapy for seniors.