“If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk.” ~Robert Baden-Powell~

It’s amazing what we learn about ourselves, business, and others when we take the time to listen to and observe our interactions and surroundings. Our observations can prompt a laser focus on words, deeds and actions that we need to revise or further develop to be at our best professionally. Listening and observing has guided me and many others to watch the impact that executives and professional peers have on their colleagues to motivate them to accomplish goals and requested deliverables. The productivity takeaways and outcomes generated by observing different personalities and business strategies be executed to complete projects, meet deadlines, and build relationships.

These outcomes can be humbling and at the same time invigorating to be confident in preparing yourself for career excellence through active listening and observation. Realizing that what you observe in the actions of others, may be a reflection of something you may need to change within yourself. Ranging from being on time, your delivery of a message, your image or your relevancy as an industry subject matter expert. Observations can provide peace of mind to where you are in your career. Listening to mentors, veteran professionals or peers that are supportive of you being overall successful can help resolve what areas in your professional repertoire that need dedicated attention and time to cultivate growth. Professional growth through listening and observation will confidently help you advance to the next career lesson versus repeating the same career lesson multiple times during different seasons of your career. Taking the time to observe and listen will become a coveted reward of learning through the professional lessons of others. Mastering effective listening and observation will be a career tipping moment for you. By choosing to be present in each moment of your day you are calling an acceleration of greatness at a higher level to attract to you because you recognize the perspectives and guidance that surrounds you daily.