Episode 38 features Rhonda Marshall. She is a Chemist, Educator, and Naturalista. After years of using relaxers and other chemical laden products, and high heat styling methods that damaged her hair to modify her natural curl pattern, she felt there had to be a better way.  Rhonda developed her own hair product line that incorporated natural ingredients that were especially effective for naturally curly hair textures, Inahasi Naturals.

The products have been used on the set of:  ABC’s Blackish (Season 2 and 3), BET’s Rebel,  ABC’s Libby and Malcolm, Comcast/Xfinity Women Behind the Scenes Commercial, CW’s Riverdale, CW’s Black Lighting,  New Balance Canada Grey Campaign, Comedy Get Down (Kings of Comedy), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bright featuring Will Smith, Snowfall, and Last Ship.

One of Rhonda’s proudest accomplishments is when her brand won one of the most coveted awards in the beauty industry:  Naturally Curly’s 2017 Editors’ Choice Award for Best Emerging Brand. Rhonda shares her journey of expressing her passion for Chemistry, Education, and all things natural as she continues to develop products for curly hair all over the world.

Download Rhonda’s new e-book for more amazing haircare tips at Inahasi Naturals.