Purpose Driven Women Magazine Features

Check out Michele’s sharing her perspective on how respecting boundaries is a representation of how we value ourselves and our time.

Extend yourself grace while adjusting to navigating life during a pandemic is a necessity. Check out Michele’s shares on steps to take to keep your skills recharged while practicing self-care.

Challenge yourself to beleive in your skills and abilities during the ebbs and flows of your career and life. Our self-perception is a game-changer that can lead us to or away from career opportunities. Check out Michele’s article in the October 2020 bonus isse about self-perception.

Mastering consistency is the focus of Micele’s Career Adventures column with Purpose Driven Women Magazine for the January/February 2020 issue. The link is below. Consistency requires patience and is a direct result of work ethic. Our consistent efforts bridge the gap of what we want to do to where we’re working to be. How are you staying the course and being consistent with evolving to your professional best?

Michele recently decided to try something new and accepted the invitation to become a Columnist for Purpose-Driven Women Magazine. She’s grateful for the opportunity to help women evolve to their professional best in a new way that also expands and develops her skills. Her column, Career Adventures debuted in the November/December 2019 issue. Michele wrote about professional development being an adventure because it is.