Shift the Cycle and Propel

In your career, sometimes you will keep repeating select experiences until you learn the lesson. Mastering the takeaway will link you to the knowledge or skills that you need, and shift your professional cycle. Sometimes reluctance to embrace feedback is the cause. The feedback’s baseline is the same, although the circumstances and role that you’re in may be different. For others, it can be a mindset roadblock that’s overshadowing them regardless of their above average workplace performance. Decide to break the cycle of lack of feeling that you’re not worthy if it applies to you. You’re accountable for your success. Choose to proactively course correct and develop for the next stop of your career plan. You do not want to miss the career responsibility that you’re seeking because you did not shift out of the cycle of sameness that has been tripping you up. Are there soft skills that you need improve or a certification you need attain? Not being proactive about your professional development can be another factor.

Chrissy Scivicque, the author of The Proactive Professional, has identified five key behaviors that demonstrate being proactive at work and life. She suggests that you should learn how to predict, prevent, plan, participate and perform. Scivicque shares that developing foresight confirms the ability to understand how to recognize the regular routines, daily practices and natural cycles that exist in your business. Proactive people focus their energy on finding ways to overcome obstacles turn into concrete roadblocks. Avoid one-step, “here and now” thinking and instead, look ahead and anticipate long-term consequences. Bring the future into the present; what can you do today to ensure success tomorrow? Choose to be an active participant instead of an idle observer. Being proactive means taking timely, effective action. Break the cycle by being decisive and willing to do the work now to break the cycle. Make a choice not to let procrastination and denial fuel the delay of changing behaviors that you need to alter and acquire the skills that you need to propel your career.

What cycles do you need to shift in your career today?

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