Making a big life change is scary. But do you know what’s even scarier? Regret.” ~ Author Unknown

It’s time to transform career frustration into career celebration. Yes, I know it’s a corny statement but it’s very true statement. You have no space in your day to dwell on anything that does not strengthen or empower you to develop to be better professionally. High stepping through career frustration may come with ease for some and for others it just might be a battle. Nevertheless, today I encourage you to shake it off and decide that you are not going to have career regret because career frustration got the best of you. Career regret can be sparked by career frustration through leaving a position before you’ve mastered the role or before you have cultivated the energy to advance with determination beyond the moment and shine while learning the needed lesson.

Using the journal daily will assist them to upgrade their career vision and reflect on their career strategy daily. Consistently journaling about career goals has been a career tipper for me in accomplishing metric goals, up-leveling business connections, and focusing only on what is important to me to operate at my personal professional best. Taking time to journal is truly a key to success that you will be glad that you embraced and executed in your life in the long run.

I enjoy listening to success messages from a variety of industry influencers. One consistent and now coveted advice that I hear is, “no time of preparation is wasted time.” I hope that these words resonate in you as they have within me. Today and everyday I encourage you to take the time to prepare on how you are going to choose to handle career frustration when it arises in your world. Prepare for success and the attitude and strategies you will use to overcome career challenges. Choose not to dwell in survival mode and opt-in to dance with courage daily. Your words and thoughts will determine how your actions and perspective will aesthetically appear in the eyes of your peers, employers, and clients.

When consulting with career seekers, one of my primary goals is to keep them motivated and accountable to themselves. I encourage them to remain steadfast and focus on securing their desired promotion or new position despite the emotions a business day can bring from working with a variety of people, assignments, or unexpected trials and expectations. There is power in affirmations and journalizing. The words you speak and the words you pen can escort you to not missing your career tipper moment that can transition you out of your state of career annoyance. Take time to ponder the 5 career success tips below to guide you to not having to repeat a career lesson. Practice promotes consistency. Consistency will bring upon a mindset change of how you choose to view and transition through your career frustration and remain progressive on your desired career path.

5 Career Success Tips of Moving Past The Career Frustration

  1. Identify the “why” behind your career frustration.
  2. Determine if your career frustration sparks the reality of regret and opportunity to grow.
  3. Start speaking positively about your career with your desired end result in mind. For example, “I am grateful for the experiences that help me to clearly  identify areas of needed growth to improve my work performance.”
  4. Journalize  how you want your career frustration to positively transform.
  5. Repeat daily.

Leave a comment and share how do you proactively handle your career frustration.