Student Mode Enhances Career Confidence

I recently decided that I wanted and needed to improve my meditation practice. There are projects for my Career Tipper brand, professional goals, and personal aspiration listings within my journal that I wanted clarity about making a positive, impactful, and everyday reality in my life. I realized that I desired to have a meditation coach, a mentor. The same week that I had this ‘aha moment’ the right meditation coach for me appeared. The anonymous quote, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” danced throughout my mind as I registered and made the worthy investment for the themed monthly subscription service. The first month that I started the monthly meditation theme was prosperity. It was perfect to complete the teachings that I was already receiving through my pastor and personal study.

One of my personal strengths is knowing that as a student, a structured platform is ideal for me. I operate well in a process-centric environment that at the same time promotes and breeds creativity. The need to quiet myself more to awaken my next level dreams was a must. I’m pleased to share that I choose to “practice what I preach.” I confidently became the student and listened and followed direction. By giving myself permission to operate in student mode for this area that I wanted to strengthen in, freed me to shorten the accomplishment gap. I’m excited for the growth that I made in this area of my life. There is no need to be reluctant to become a student as a seasoned or novice professional. Be willing to learn and honor the truth of learning keeps creativity, new ideas, and new experiences in route to you. Your dreams, desires, and goals are worthy of your time and dedication. As professionals that generate greatness; we must not be reluctant to solicit help when needed. The answer, the resource, and clarity is often nestled in the bosom of knowledge that teacher is willing to share with us to excel.

Miracles in life await you.

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