Business man pointing a motivational text


I love success triggers. I surround myself with success triggers in my personal and professional environments. They keep me motivated, focused, and determined to accomplish my career goals. Incorporating the usage of success triggers into my everyday routine assists in attracting my aspirations to me like a magnet along with hard work and an appreciation of supporting resources. Success triggers is also a great way to help build and maintain your career confidence. I am happy to share five of my favorite success triggers for you to consider.

1. Create Excitement for Your Goals. It’s fun to send congratulatory notes in the mail on accomplishing short-term and long-term plans and goals prior to them happening. This action indicates that you’re confident in your abilities to achieve your tasks. The verbiage on the notes should read as if it’s already your reality. For verbiage example, “Paul, Congrats on accomplishing your sales metric goals for Q2.” The image example, a picture of Paul holding a check or reward won for fulfilling his metric goals. My favorite tool to use to create notes of success is Postagram. The postcard attractively stands out amongst the mail when it arrives. It ignites a smile and feeling of success. After the excitement of the postcard arriving. I encourage you to showcase the card of inspiration in a place that can be viewed frequently.

2. Affirm Your Goals. I am a firm believer that our spoken words frame and create our daily experiences. I created the iPhone app, Career and Success Affirmations as a motivational yet directive resource for professionals. There is a daily reminder as well to prompt the reading and saying the affirmation to help affirm your career plans as a part of your daily routine.

3. Journaling. Writing down your goals is a success trigger task to aim to complete daily. You can often journal in the notes app of your phone or you in a journal that travels well in a purse or business bag. It’s suggested to journal in present tense as if your journal notes is already your reality. I encourage you not to forget to write at least five things you’re grateful that your day brought your way at the end of each day. It’s also neat to take time to review previous journal entries over time. It’s nice to reflect and realize your growth in your focused thoughts, accomplishments, and expansion of your career outcomes vision.

4. Create A Vision Board. My vision board is one of my favorite collage of pictures to look at daily. It’s a creative reminder that I continue to add pictures to continually. The beauty of a vision board is that it provides reference points. Reference points of what is important to you. Provoke thoughts of what you need to do to develop your vision. Does your vision board spark you to see yourself experiencing more for your career? Do you need to redirect your focus for your career to live out the dreams that you have vividly displayed on your vision board?

5. Networking. The professionals that you associate and interact with on an ongoing basis matters and indicates your net worth. Your network also reflects the caliber of excellence that you associate with professionally. Learn to connect with professionals outside of your networking comfort zone too. If you’re not sure where to start, consider attending an event that your local Chamber of Commerce is hosting or connect with a business networking and referral group like BNI.

What are a few success triggers that you have found to be an asset to the success of your career?