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Career Tipper Podcast

Career Accountability w/ Nicole Webb

Episode 51 features Nicole Webb. She tried to be the perfect employee and did everything by the book. Nicole’s competitive nature helped her excel quickly throughout her ten plus years as an HR professional, but she reached a plateau for the first time in her career, she struggled with what she thought should have been her dream job. She realized that working tirelessly wasn’t drive, it was her fear of failure. So, she did the ...
Career Tipper Podcast

Define Your Skills w/ Michele Badie

Episode 50 of the Career Tipper podcast features Michele Badie the Host and Professional Development Advocate. The #skillsrecharged narrative continues. Michele shares a process that may help you identify and define your skills to stay competitive in the workforce. Tune in to start determining how your non-automated soft and technical skills will keep you excelling at your professional best.