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Career Tipper Podcast

Skills Recharged: Season Finale – Start Today

Michele focused on the top three in-demand soft and technical skills identified by LinkedIn for 2019 during this season. Gratefully, she got the listeners to think about how they’re going to stay competitive and gainfully employed as the Age of AI continues to transform the workplace as we know it. This episode is the season finale for season one of Skills Recharged. Michele is encouraging you to start today to recharge your skills ...
Career Tipper Podcast

Skills Recharged: Collaboration

Collaboration is the featured skills for episode five of season one of Skills Recharged. As projects grow increasingly more complex and global in the Age of AI, effective collaboration becomes important according to LinkedIn’s post The Skills Companies Need the Most in 2019. Collaboration requires a cooperative spirit and mutual respect. Michele shares tips and perspectives on how to be collaborative in communication with colleagues ...
Career Tipper Podcast

Skills Recharged: Persuasion

Persuasion is the featured soft skill for episode three for season one of Skills Recharged. Companies need more employees that can demonstrate that they are masters of persuasion to help generate sales and overall consumer buy-in. From onboarding employees to getting teams to work cohesively together, the art of persuasion influences acceptance and strengthens business dynamics. Michele shares tips and scenarios that can potentially help you ...
Career Tipper Podcast

Soft Skills w/ Liz Cotner

Episode 33 features Human Resources Practitioner, Liz Cotner. Her specialties include: talent management, organizational design, total rewards, employee relations and HRIS administration. In 2016, HR Shield chose Liz as HR Young Professional of Year. She is truly passionate about the world of Human Resources and frequently volunteers with HR Florida State Council. Liz chats about the importance of developing your soft skills.