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Career Tipper Podcast

Office Politics w/ Dr. Karlyn Borysenko

Episode 47 features Dr. Karlyn Borysenko. Karlyn is the force behind Zen Workplace. She is an organizational psychologist and executive/performance coach, she is a leader in integrating mindfulness strategies at work to increase productivity and creativity, reduce stress, and create better work experiences. Her practice is based in the greater Boston area and serves clients all over the world. She holds an MBA and a PhD in Psychology, is an ...
Career Tipper Podcast

Workplace Wellness w/ Erin Browder

Episode 37 features Erin Browder. She is a Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant on a mission to humanize the workplace. She specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, organizational culture, trauma-informed workspaces, and collaborative practices. She predominantly supports human service organizations such as healthcare systems, school districts, government agencies and non-profits. She has provided strategic ...
Career Tipper Podcast

Create Your Promotion w/ Sable B.

Episode 29 features Sable B. She’s returning for the third interview of our three part series connected to our course, Her Career By Intent. Sable B. is the creator of the professional development organization for Women and Girls of Color, Real Brown Girls. The organization promotes a community of women online and in the world who understand the value of supporting other women of color who seek to advance professionally . Over 35,000 Women ...

Plan to Master Your Time

Time management can be labeled the Achilles heel for many in the workplace. The need to master the process of how you manage your time can crystalize through missed deadlines, inaccurate completion of tasks, or lack of time to be available for your direct reports and colleagues. Whatever prompts your focus to master your time, your efforts must be rooted in planning. There are multiple time management strategies for you to review and test. ...

Shift the Cycle and Propel

In your career, sometimes you will keep repeating select experiences until you learn the lesson. Mastering the takeaway will link you to the knowledge or skills that you need, and shift your professional cycle. Sometimes reluctance to embrace feedback is the cause. The feedback’s baseline is the same, although the circumstances and role that you’re in may be different. For others, it can be a mindset roadblock that’s ...