“Read, read, read.” ~ William Faulkner

Taking time to read can result in stress reduction, increase of knowledge, and creation of goals. During your career search it is important to schedule time to read. Challenge yourself to pursue a variety of topics that range from politics, current events, entertainment, living, or technology on an ongoing basis. Reading is your vehicle to being diverse in conversation and perspective personally and professionally. It can reveal a new professional position or business opportunity. Reading is a cultured activity that will keep your mind energized with fresh thoughts and calls to action.

Suggested Reading Connectors

  • Join a book club.
  • Participate in a tweet chat about a book.
  • Read a book that is associated to a movie or play that you enjoy.
  • Create a daily reading routine.
  • Identify a reading spot to retreat to frequently.
  • Declare that reading discloses answers and insight that you are seeking.