Episode 10  features Ahyiana Angel. Ahyiana is an author and podcast host of Switch Pivot or Quit, affectionately known to many as the Chief Encourager. She is proud of her accomplishments for creating an environment where others find encouragement as a result of her positive energy, skill, and fearless attitude. Ahyiana is a seasoned executor who eventually blocked out the world’s ideas of success, quit her highly coveted position at the NBA, moved to London and traveled the world for a stint, then followed her passion in writing to find her purpose in encouragement. Mastering the art of note-worthy ideation and encouragement, Ahyiana taps into her zones of genius when speaking to audiences about her 4 Ps: publicity, publishing, personal development and podcasting. With more than 15 years of professional business experience lending her knowledge in these areas, Ahyiana serves up real and relatable insight. Tune in to listen to Ahyiana share how you can up-level your career through professional development.