“Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.” ~ Unknown

The way you walk into a room can be an influential indicator of how you will carry yourself in a potential position. Be diligent in your efforts not to let nervousness or excitement for an interview be too profound that it affects the outcome of you being viewed as a qualified candidate for the desired position. It is important for you to walk and speak with confidence and make strong eye contact with everyone that you interact with during your interview process. Research the basics of body language before starting your career search. Learn or refresh your knowledge of how your body language relates to interviewing and daily interactions with people. Your increased awareness of body language can potentially become your gauge of how an interview is progressing. Your body language during an interview is equally important as your interview attire, interview dialogue, resume, social media presence, and follow-up communication. Your body language preparation can be favorable in confirming that you will be viewed as qualified for your next desired career move.