Does the statement “I need a career change!” dance around in your thoughts consistently? This recurring statement in your thoughts can be promoted by a singular career or life experience. It can also be sparked by multiple subliminal career transactions that did not happen in a singular position or variety of multiple career roles. The bottom line and reality of this career truth for you that beats boldly in your heart; it is time to make a plan and a commitment to yourself to make a strong effort to live your dream life out loud. You know that deep in your soul that you are worthy the sacrifice of daily conveniences to prepare your mind and actions to be in synch with your desired career path. Timelines can be applied but endurance to greatness is required.

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you’ll be successful.” ~Eric Thomas

The quote above has been shared multiple times with me over the past few years and continues to resurface in conversations with my clients, friends and colleagues.  It’s a quote that provokes thought of what you must do to be great and exceed expectations in your career industry. When I’m encouraging myself or my clients to be true to their career goals and conduct an accurate skills, knowledge, and abilities assessment.  One thing for sure is that you have to be confident within yourself; that you know that you deserve to experience your career goals and that you are willing to put in the work to ensure that do experience them. Career confidence is what fuels each one of us to be our best in professional roles, being a sought after subject matter expert, and the determination that we are willing to do what it takes with integrity to train and prepare ourselves for the next level of career excellence. Career confidence makes us receptive to constructive feedback because it is viewed as professional development. Career confidence breeds the desire not to settle in a role or want to resign from a role until the required knowledge and experience has been attained.

When you’re at a career crossroad we have to treat the experience as if you are in the final quarter of the game that determines if you get promoted to play for your champion career role or if you get benched and have to wait for a new season to be able to go for the champion role at a different time. You have to press through the exhaustion, anxiety, reluctance, doubt, and high-spirited emotions with zeal and breathe. Breathe life into each action item step that you know you need to do to advance in your career. Seek help from mentors. Find the time to read up on your industry to remain current and relevant. Follow through and take action on the career advice that you have been told repeatedly that you dismiss as not being needed. That advice keeps surfacing for a reason. Follow though on the advice, it may be the career tipper you need. Stick to your career plan of transition, do not lose focus. Whether you realize it or not your endurance during this process will be tested. Make up your mind that no matter what, you’re going to move past the career crossroads and be proud of your choices and lessons learned. Remember to take the time to make healthy choices and avoid emotional eating. Exercise at least thirty minutes a day, journalize, meditate and operate in a spirit of gratefulness.

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