Have you ever found yourself subconsciously or consciously window shopping someone else’s career? Their career path or position seems to be shiny, bright, and if it had an Instagram account you would follow it. Some find themselves rethinking their current career path or wondering what exactly they could have done differently. Others have Happy by Pharrell Williams as a personal theme song because they are grateful to be getting paid for what they professionally love to do. Depending on which scenario applies to you; reflection on your next career move plays in your thoughts annually, quarterly, weekly, daily, and for some hourly. Where am I going with this you may be thinking?

This blog post was inspired by a recent Instagram post that I made that was focused on being intentional. Career window shopping should not be a repeated option in place of you taking fast action on being connected to your next career move. Whether you have just graduated from college, changing your career, or ready to become a bona fide entrepreneur; it all starts with the first step of being intentional. Be intentional to research your next career move. Be intentional to accept that it is not time for you to be reserved in your actions to move forward to create, launch, or expand your career legacy and pursue it with a passionate spirit of fortitude. Below are four suggestions to spark intention to being an active daily focus that will help usher you to being in tune to your next career move without you questioning the perceived barriers of lack of money, timing, family, experience, or are you ready for it…confidence in self. The suggested career shift steps below will help you turn the loud uncertain voices in your mind to crushed murmurs to silenced whispers to smiles and high-fives of cheers of accomplishments. Remember that being consistent with the career shift steps is nonnegotiable in order to see your desired career shift become a reality.

4 Intentional Career Shift Steps

  1. Power Thoughts.  Meditate 5 – 15 minutes a day and visualize yourself interviewing, networking, or your new client signing your next level of funding contract.
  2. Journal.  Write your vision and your plan to experience your next career move daily in a grateful tone.
  3. Train and Learn.  Each industry warrants different levels of training to be considered a relevant subject matter expert. Consider investing in a success coach, working with an industry recruiter, challenging yourself to attend an additional networking or community event to connect with other industry professionals, or learn new industry tips.
  4. Ignite Change. Identify 5 new things you can do to be at your best professionally and personally.

Daily Affirmation

I’m grateful that my intentional actions of completing my daily tasks list of preparation through words and actions are connecting me to decision makers that will manifest my career goals to a profitable reality.

Suggested ‘Intentional’ Read

The Wisdom of Florence by Scovel Shinn is a great volume of work that includes four complete books that will help you connect to the path of being intentional in all that you do.