Every day there is an essential check list that we must complete to assist us in being productive and efficient in our personal and professional tasks and goals. I recently received a goal card system from Success Coach, Dr. Stacia Pierce. There were several success accessories that came in the goal setting system; goal cards, success stickie notes, and a making money is easy tumbler. Just like laughter is good for our soul on a daily basis, setting goals daily is equally important.

Goals are sparked by the needs and wants of life, based upon circumstances and vision. The goal card system definitely reiterated to me the fun, clarity, and detailed focus that is required of planning to experience your goals in every area of your life. Below are few goal reminders to use daily when writing your goals that will inspire you to greatness.

  1. Don’t Limit Yourself. Your goals can help you release the mental, emotional, or bureaucracy limits that may have you bound only by perception or by an ongoing experience that seems to be viral within your current career path. Writing out your goals will help you gain clarity to transition beyond your current career role, if that is your desire. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word goal means the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. Writing out your goals will lead you to start to believe that you can accomplish your ultimate career goals. A shift in your mind-set and an unlocking of any professional strongholds that may have you captive can be revealed through establishing goals for yourself. Make it a goal to identify your next level career position or business move and write your goal list of the action steps that you will take to be connected to your desired career opportunity. Remember to plan with a patient heart and be diligent to produce excellent focused outcomes that will connect you at the correct time of readiness to your career goal.
  2. Dream Big. I find that dreaming big for myself causes me to experience exciting, thought-provoking, fun, and creative success attraction resources that helps me to turn what seems to be impossible, to being possible. During my time of meditation I visualize myself experiencing the possible. Through affirmations, vision boards, and listing my career goals I have experienced many of my career aspirations and dreams. Make it a goal to mediate daily and visualize your career goals out loud in detail. For example, visualize where you work, the type of people you work with, the details of your position, what type of projects you work on, and the positive and profitable project outcomes.
  3. Repeat often. Identifying and writing out your goals on a frequent basis is energizing. Need a mid-day pep up, need to re-strategize a project, or you have hit a career plateau and not sure what your next move should be; write out your career goals. Revise the list often to have transactional outcomes that will connect you to the knowledge, resources, people, or reflective moments that you need to have to experience your career vision. Your words and goal responsive actions, in time will manifest in your life. Make reviewing your goal list a part of your weekly routine. Review your goal list at the beginning and at the end of each week.