Have you ever sat in a meeting and started day dreaming and then you noticed your business colleague’s nails? You noticed their nails and began to wonder based on their nail bed if they were a worrier. Had limited time in their schedule to pay attention to their nails, or were impressed with how well manicured they were, or surprised that they were unclean in lieu of their well-polished professional attire. Our nail care is an indicator of how we pay attention to details and handle stress. Some professionals choose to keep their nails clean and well manicured while others dismiss the importance of taking care of their nails. Nail care should matter to professionals and be a part of their personal, professional reflection on a daily basis. For some nail care treatments are a part of their everyday life while others reserve nail care treatments for special moments and occasions only. Whichever is your personal fancy; basic nail care should be a part of your everyday personal care.

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The details of my nail treatment at Aveda Institute Orlando.

The details of my nail treatment at Aveda Institute Orlando. In the past few days, I visited the beautiful Aveda Institute Orlando and had an essential nail treatment. It was such a serene and educational experience with premium customer service provided. My assigned Nail Tech took the time to explain the purpose of each manicure tool used and how-to properly use them at home. A bonus from the nail treatment given at the Aveda Institute Orlando is that I got to take all of the manicure tools that were used during my nail treatment to use at home. In addition, I was also given the bottle of lacquer that used for my manicure. I adore the SpaRitual Mystic Creme Nail Lacquer that I chose to accomplish my desired career nails look in the Aveda Store located inside Aveda Institute Orlando. I also like using the Aveda Cuticle Control that was a great recommendation. I’m already seeing great results in just a few days.

During my visit to the Aveda Institute Orlando I connected with one of their graduates, Kayla Gibson. Ms. Gibson is a Cosmetologist that spent an extensive, comprehensive period of studying nails during her Cosmetology program. She made the decision to work in the beauty industry because she felt like it’s important to make people feel valued and beautiful. Many people visit the Aveda Institute Orlando for hair services, massages, or nail services to relax or have someone listen to them. She thinks that creating a rapport with your customers is important and special. I interviewed Ms. Gibson for her to share her expert trained opinion on nail care tips, color trends for Fall 2014 and how nail care can impact your first impression.

Career Tipper: How can one’s personal nail care presentation impact their first impression perception of a potential employer during an interview?

Gibson: I believe nail care is a reflection of personal hygiene. You wouldn’t go into an interview with dirty or wrinkled clothes, so why treat your nails differently? The employer is going to assess your outward appearance before anything else, so at the very least, your nails should be clean under the free edge and maintained at a professional length.

Career Tipper: Being a licensed nail tech, what professional lesson has let you have career longevity?

Gibson: Employers aren’t the only people who matter when it comes to first impressions. Everyone you meet is a potential customer, so you should carry yourself accordingly.

Career Tipper: What are a few home care tips that women and men can complete in between nail treatments?

Gibson: Moisturize! Moisturizer for your nails is most important. It prevents hands and feet from cracking and creating pesky hangnails. Aveda’s Hand Relief and Foot Relief is my go-to moisturizer after a manicure or pedicure. The hand relief lasts through 3 hand washes after application, and the foot relief contains salicylic acid to aid in cell turnover. If the hangnails do appear between nail treatments, you can always invest in nail trimmers for your cuticles to keep them at bay. Cleaning underneath the nail as needed and applying a thin clear coat also helps manicures and pedicures longevity if you keep a natural nail.

Career Tipper: What are a few nail care trends and colors you suggest professionals wear at work for the Fall 2014 season?

Gibson: Jewel tones, nude/neutral shades, and metallics are going to be the most sought after looks for the upcoming Fall season. I’m rocking a glittery nude myself.