What Does Your Career Portfolio Say About You?

What Does Your Career Portfolio Say About You?

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One of the most powerful tools you can create and promote during your career search other than your resume is a career portfolio. Your portfolio is a great opportunity for you to display your professional accomplishments and awards. When developing your career portfolio the presentation format and creative ideas are endless. Your presentation can be produced as a brag book or through an online portfolio source. Your portfolio should be professional and consistently industry relevant. Do not rush the process and have fun formatting your portfolio with quality copies and clear pictures. Take a moment to view your great work with pride and confidence. Your portfolio can be an empowering conversation point during your interview that ushers you to opportunities to speak more in-depth about your accomplishments with verifiable data present beyond some interview questions guides.  Your portfolio can be the deciding factor for you being considered for a position or a promotion.

Career Portfolio Content Ideas

  • Non-confidential metrics
  • Resume
  • Awards
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Previous non-confidential industry related project outcomes
  • Transcripts
  • Community outreach projects with pictures if applicable
  • Media tears
  • Mock industry related projects to show your creativity or plan execution ability


Stay Focused and Energized

Stay Focused and Energized


During your career search journey it is important for you to take time to do something fun or spend time with people who you enjoy. Being consistent in your daily checklist is paramount to the success of your career search.  It is equally important for you to restore your spirit and mind with sanity balms and soul motivators. Scheduling or being spontaneous to create cherished memories at one of your favorite venues can help you diffuse stress that can unfold during a career search. Reflecting with self or your inner circle of confidants leads to analyzing your attitude, replay of lessons learned, or re-strategizing your career search tactics.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison

Time of restoration can often help reduce the feeling that you are carrying the world on your shoulders while being diligent in accomplishing your career search goals. Never give up on you career aspirations. Be proud of all of your career search efforts and enjoy the journey. How you journey through is a part of your life story.

Daily Refresher Activities

  • A midday walk at a park
  • A phone chat with a friend
  • Attend a yoga class