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Career Tipper Podcast

Power of Self-Discipline w/ Dalan Vanterpool

Episode 19 features Dalan Vanterpool a private banker from the British Virgin Islands. He spends most days advising high net worth clients, or helping young professionals build more meaningful careers as host of Focus The Fire podcast. Over the past 15 years, school, work and play allowed him to experience diverse cultures in the United States, South Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Since 2012 Dalan has been leading d Spot Jazz, a movement ...
Career Tipper Podcast

The Business Of Art w/ Cassie Manning

Episode 13 features Cassie Manning. She is a self taught artist that is based in the UK. She has inspired women to accomplish the dreams, their next level of greatness, and promote acceptance of their authentic self through her varied medium art. Cassie is going to share her journey to becoming a professional artist. Along with sharing a few strategies and resources that has helped her grow her evolving brand of illustrations, Nubian Rock Chick.