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Career Tipper Podcast

Navigating Digital Strategies w/ Bess Auer

Episode 8 features Bess Auer is the co-host of Blog Talk TV. She also hosts the weekly radio SMarketing News on WPRK 91.5 FM featuring smart marketing tips, founder stories, and a hyperlocal focus on Orlando area businesses. Bess is dedicated to educating marketing and business professionals on digital strategies through her annual conference, Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference called FLBlogCon. Tune in and listen to Bess share ...
Career Tipper Podcast

Mastering Customers, Content, & Conversions w/ Danielle Leslie

Episode 5 features Digital Marketing and Growth Consultant, Danielle Leslie. She is the Founder of Culture Ad Labs where she helps brands and startup founders create & launch online courses. Previously, she worked as a course launch strategist at Udemy where she helped influencers including Guy Kawasaki earn collectively millions of dollars by monetizing their content & expertise through online courses. Tune in and listen to Danielle ...

What Does Your Career Portfolio Say About You?

One of the most powerful tools you can create and promote during your career search other than your resume is a career portfolio. Your portfolio is a great opportunity for you to display your professional accomplishments and awards. When developing your career portfolio the presentation format and creative ideas are endless. Your presentation can be produced as a brag book or through an online portfolio source. Your portfolio should be ...