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Career Tipper Podcast

Salary Negotiation w/ Ashley Kirkwood

Episode 40 features Ashley Kirkwood, Esq. She negotiated a $60,000 raise and bonus at her job. Ashley eventually transitioned away from that role and started her own law firm focused on helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and social media influencers. Before law school, Ashley spent her time consulting for startup companies. Her legal accomplishments has garnered her press recognitions. Her experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, and lawyer ...

Successful Salary Insight Negotiation

Beyond earning a salary that will support your chosen lifestyle. Many employees prefer that their salary reflect that they are viewed as a valued contributor to their employer. It is to your advantage to proactively have the salary negotiation conversation for your peace of mind and the navigation of your career path plan.  Considering the overall landscape of the employment opportunity is a viable factor when accepting or declining an ...