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Career Tipper Podcast

Skills Recharged: Season Finale – Start Today

Michele focused on the top three in-demand soft and technical skills identified by LinkedIn for 2019 during this season. Gratefully, she got the listeners to think about how they’re going to stay competitive and gainfully employed as the Age of AI continues to transform the workplace as we know it. This episode is the season finale for season one of Skills Recharged. Michele is encouraging you to start today to recharge your skills ...
Career Tipper Podcast

Skills Recharged: Analytical Reasoning

Analytical reasoning is the featured skill for episode six of season one of Skills Recharged. Companies need more professionals breaking down complex information, events, and situations to identify patterns along with causes and effects. Being able to cultivate smart decisions from a mass amount of data is in-demand. Michele is sharing tips on how to strengthen your analytical reasoning skill set.
Career Tipper Podcast

Define Your Skills w/ Michele Badie

Episode 50 of the Career Tipper podcast features Michele Badie the Host and Professional Development Advocate. The #skillsrecharged narrative continues. Michele shares a process that may help you identify and define your skills to stay competitive in the workforce. Tune in to start determining how your non-automated soft and technical skills will keep you excelling at your professional best.
Career Tipper Podcast

Skills Recharged w/ Michele Badie

Episode 45 of the Career Tipper podcast features Michele Badie the Host and Professional Development Advocate. She shook up her comfort zone and flew solo this episode. Tune in for a motivational listen that encourages you to keep your skills recharged. Michele shares a few professional skills development resources too.
Career Tipper Podcast

Navigating Digital Strategies w/ Bess Auer

Episode 8 features Bess Auer is the co-host of Blog Talk TV. She also hosts the weekly radio SMarketing News on WPRK 91.5 FM featuring smart marketing tips, founder stories, and a hyperlocal focus on Orlando area businesses. Bess is dedicated to educating marketing and business professionals on digital strategies through her annual conference, Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference called FLBlogCon. Tune in and listen to Bess share ...

Identify Your Success Traits By Clustering

Are you reviewing your resume and know that you are missing a few great bullet points about your skills? At the same time, you are not exactly sure which merit worthy skills you are missing. Try the pre-writing exercise of clustering to determine what additional skills or professional experience you forgot to originally list on your resume. Clustering can be an alternative to completing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and ...