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Career Tipper Podcast

Create Your Promotion w/ Sable B.

Episode 29 features Sable B. She’s returning for the third interview of our three part series connected to our course, Her Career By Intent. Sable B. is the creator of the professional development organization for Women and Girls of Color, Real Brown Girls. The organization promotes a community of women online and in the world who understand the value of supporting other women of color who seek to advance professionally . Over 35,000 Women ...
Career Tipper Podcast

Career Change Now or Later w/ Sable B.

Episode 28 features Sable B. returning for the second interview of our three part series connected to our course, Her Career By Intent.  Sable B. is the founder of the professional development organization, Real Brown Girls. Through a collaborative and supportive community, Real Brown Girls helps women who trust and believe greatness is in their reach as long as they are willing to put in the the work. Over 35,000 Women and Girls of Color ...

Plan to Master Your Time

Time management can be labeled the Achilles heel for many in the workplace. The need to master the process of how you manage your time can crystalize through missed deadlines, inaccurate completion of tasks, or lack of time to be available for your direct reports and colleagues. Whatever prompts your focus to master your time, your efforts must be rooted in planning. There are multiple time management strategies for you to review and test. ...

Be Loyal To Your Definition of Success

Are you professionally settling? You’ve thrown in the towel, and you’ve accepted that your current role and professional experiences are apropos with your revised definition of success. My next question to you is, “Why are you choosing not to be determined to live your definition of success?” Life is too short not be focused and committed to developing yourself to experience promotion and next-level opportunities. ...

6 Tips to Displaying Gratefulness During a Career Search

During my recent career search, many attitude perspectives crossed my mind. The one perspective that continually resonated in my thoughts and spirit was gratefulness. I strongly believe that displaying gestures of gratefulness from a genuine place within, will serve you well as you network your way to your next professional promotion, career transition opportunity, or business connection. Below are my 6 tips that have ushered me to ...

Career Search Strategies Requires Repetition

Repetition of your career search plan will be a constant requirement of you during your search. Take the time to determine each daily action item that you will commit to completing.  At the start of your search, begin with small tasks and continue to larger tasks as your desired results develop and your confidence in your strategies increases. The repetition of your career search plan is a great way to build and improve your time management ...