6 Tips to Displaying Gratefulness During a Career Search

6 Tips to Displaying Gratefulness During a Career Search

Time For Reflection Message Means Ponder Or Reflect

During my recent career search, many attitude perspectives crossed my mind. The one perspective that continually resonated in my thoughts and spirit was gratefulness. I strongly believe that displaying gestures of gratefulness from a genuine place within, will serve you well as you network your way to your next professional promotion, career transition opportunity, or business connection. Below are my 6 tips that have ushered me to experiencing and accomplishing my desired career goals.

  • Be grateful for your past and current professional lessons. During mediation and throughout my daily travels and conversations; I reflect and give thanks for my good, challenging, rewarding, and developmental career opportunities. All of my professional lessons have led me to promotional and leadership opportunities that continue to assist me in knowing when to be still and observe or take my hustle to the next level to successfully complete and accomplish a project, task, or goal.
  • Be grateful to have access to knowledge. From a local, national, and global perspective not everyone has the opportunity to learn and/or develop industry skills through education or trade. I am grateful for the opportunity to have access to the resources to be able to advance in my chosen professional industry, reinvent my career, or be viewed as a credible industry expert.
  • Be grateful that you qualify to apply. I enjoy observing people advance in their careers and businesses. It is great to know that you meet the requirements of being viewed as a qualified candidate when applying and being considered for your next career move, business venture that has specific credit requirements, or being invited to attend a networking opportunity that is for a select group of credentialed professionals. Humble beginnings that you respect and grow from will ultimately lead you to the qualifying moment that you have been focused on experiencing to the fullest during your professional career path travels.
  • Be grateful for the support system of encouragement that you have. Life does not guarantee support for anyone. For some people, support embraces them because people want to honor their dedicated and consistent efforts of being focused and diligent to manifesting their desired career goals. Other people have had an ongoing support system that cheers them on in their success attraction endeavors simply because they’re friends, family, or respected colleagues. Whichever way support positively comes to you that keeps you encouraged and/or connecting to ideas and business opportunities, be grateful. There are some people who have no idea what it is like to have someone believe in them enough to take the time to cheer them on their success journey.
  • Be grateful in knowing that your career search has a timeline. My career searches have had an ongoing reminder, nothing lasts forever. Eventually when you have acquired the skills, knowledge, connections, mindset shift, or image adjustment the career or business opportunity that you’re seeking reveals itself.
  • Be grateful for the self-awareness your career search heightens in you. As a career coach, I have witnessed the career searches of many people notably crystallizes after they define who they are, their limits, and their flexibilities. Career searches also sparks creativity and re-ignites professional dreams that may have smothered down to embers. The great ‘aha moment’ is that your career search can direct you to realizing the time is now to shift and go full force to turning that professional dream into a daily reality.

Remember that our actions have a boomerang effect back into our lives. Today in the midst of your career search, I encourage you to the take to time to pay it forward by helping someone else in accomplishing their career goals. Send a thank you card to a mentor or simply take fifteen minutes out of your day to meditate and be grateful for another day to construct your career path of success.

Are Your First Impressions Promoting You or Disqualifying You?

Are Your First Impressions Promoting You or Disqualifying You?

Woman ready for hand shake

Creating a lasting first impression is vital to your career search. The duration of a first impression can range from seven to thirty seconds. First impressions can be sealants of progress or refuse during the interview process. First impression triggers are components of your personal brand. A few first impression triggers includes your social media profiles, your voicemail, your email, your hand shake, and your attire.  Be cognizant of your efforts of maintaining your personal brand.

In lieu of a resume submission, a potential employer may request links to your social media profiles to review how you choose to present yourself globally. Your verbiage, pictures, videos, and overall content can increase or decrease your candidacy relevancy for a position. Post wisely and tactfully, even after you have secured your desired position. You do not want to be prone to loosing your job based upon inappropriate posts.

During your career search, your voicemail should be professional and clear to understand. Your voicemail should not feature the latest music sensation nor have background noise.

Email addresses can be too revealing of lifestyle choices and personal details sometimes. Keeping your email address basic and simple is a consistent recommendation by hiring managers and recruiters.

Your handshake and attire display confidence and an unspoken understanding that you know how to carry yourself in your desired work environment. Your attire needs to be tasteful while using all appropriate under garments, accessories, levels of perfume usage, and overall body coverage. Take the time to research handshake styles and wardrobe interview essentials and determine if your handshake or wardrobe needs to be revised.

Your goal is to always be considered and viewed as a qualified candidate. Strive to have your first impression in all environments that you enter promote you to the next level that you desire.